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A/N: Hey boys and girls, a friend of mine made this opening for this arc of the book. How much more anime can we get amirite? I'm not sure if anyone else has or wants to make an opening for any of the other arcs, but feel free to and I'll put them in. Thank you so much for the support and patience. When he sent me this I squealed like a little girl knowing that someone liked my story so much that they made an entire opening for it. Anyways, stick till the end for the update. Love you guys, see you soon!

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own RWBY nor do I own Andrew Stein's (Mandopony) music. All rights reserved and all that jazz.


An overview shot of Menagerie pans out until it zooms in and shoots through a forest before centering on Sienna Khan's grave with Y/N standing next to it as he turns away from it with narrowed eyes. He grips Graham tighter before it fades to black.

Holding on to the memory
Of a hero long ago
Your words echo in my mind
But the darkness won't let go

Adam and Y/N face one another and grin. They first bump before the image distorts and their places switch. Both stare across a bloody and war torn battlefield. They narrow their eyes with gritted teeth before Y/N falls through the darkness into the void.

You gave it all to save yourself
And the place we called a home
You were the strongest man I never knew
And now I'm on my own

Images of Blake pushing him off the train, Adam killing Sienna, Adam stabbing him on the train, Salem attacking him, and Grimm Sienna fighting him flash around him before he sinks to the ground and begins to cry. Sienna's tombstone stands in front of Y/N as chains begin to wrap around him.

Doubts are creeping in
How in Lylat can I win?
If only you were here
Betrayed in the end
By the one you called a friend
If only I could see you once again...

Y/N's eyes turn to darkness as his body begins to become covered in darkness. He leans his head back as tears flow through him. A small gleam of light pierces through the darkness as Y/N raises his hand to try and reach it. His vision blurs before a small hand with a red sleeve grabs it for him. A yellow gauntleted hand comes next. A pale and slender hand is next. Finally, two arms wrap around his neck as he looks to see Blake hugging him from behind. He's pulled up into the light as his vision returns to normal.

But how can I rise up?
How could I compare
To the hero that I need to be?
A father never there
They say you live on in me
Then why can't I see
The hero that's inside of me?

Blake, Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Velvet, and all of the other girls along with Kali, Ghira, Roman, Junior, Goodwitch, Port, Oobleck and everyone else in his life stands ahead with a smile. They all welcome him in as Y/N smiles. The scene fades before he finds himself standing in front of Graham still entrapped in the stone. The dragon is fighting the girls in the background before he wraps his hand around the sword and black and golden energy begins to swirl around him. Y/N closes his eyes and opens them back up to see Adam, Grimm Sienna, Hazel, Grimm Tyrian, Lionheart, and other unknown villains all standing in front of him with sinister grins on their faces. Salem stands above them all as she opens her arms wide with a huge grin.

I've got no other choice
This is my only destiny
I will make them pay
For ripping apart my family

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