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Then, the place exploded. The last thing I remember before slipping into a flashback of THAT time, I only remember a bright blue light and blacking out.





The war with Gaia was just over. I was back to camp. The 7 except Leo survived. I was hurt pretty badly after the war that I had to stay stuck in the infirmary for two whole months! You would wonder why. Gaia and I had a one on one before Leo did what he did and she broke almost all my bones and I lost a lot of blood.

After I finally came out of the infirmary which felt like years, a new camper came. She had caramel hair and dirty green eyes, tanned skin and she looked around my age, 17. After a few hours, she got claimed as a daughter of Poseidon named Delilah Lode. When she found out I was a daughter of Poseidon as well I thought I saw disgust in her face.

Few days later I met Andrew's (AN: Male Annabeth) cousin Magnus (AN: let's just say it happens a few months earlier) and oh Gods! They almost looked like twins! Magnus, Alex and I got pretty close and I taught Magnus how to fight against the sea goddess he developed an enmity with. Then we came back. (AN: same as in the original book-3 of Magnus chase and the gods of Asgard series.)

I noticed that everyone distanced themselves from me. They gave me dirty looks and went away and I didn't know why. Only Andrew, Thalia, Jason, Piper, Grover, Nico, Travis, Connor, surprisingly Clarisse, and Katie were by my side but Andrew didn't stay by my side for long. I was heartbroken when Andrew broke up with me for Delilah. It was the last straw. It started this way. He called me to the beach and said there was something really important he wanted to talk. When I went there the beach was beautiful and calm but, he looked nervous.

"What happened wise guy?" I asked, worried.

"Perci..I..I am...."

"What happened Andy?" He took a deep breath and said.

"We're over." He said and started walking off. I was shocked.

"Who is it?" I asked voice filled with rage and sadness.

"Delilah." He said and left me alone in the now stormy sea. He left me for a new camper. He left me for my stupid half-sister. Although I was angry I couldn't do anything but cry, so I cried. Andrew. My Andy left me to rot. I cried till there was nothing left to cry for. I stood up wiped off my tears and went back to camp as if nothing happened.

After I went back, another new camper said that Chiron called me to the big house. When I went there, he too looked nervous.

"What is wrong Chiron?"

"Perci, we have to go to Olympus." Well, I have to make a mental note that going to Olympus can't always be good.

When we reached there the gods were bickering and arguing like kids as usual, so we waited for them to settle down. I noticed that Hera was missing but there was nothing I could do about it anyway. After settling down Zeus spoke up, "Percillia Jackson step forward." I nervously went ahead and bowed to Zeus and my dad, Poseidon. Then Zeus said the most unexpected thing,

"We hereby declare you an outcast since you are too powerful to live as a demigod and might turn against us. We have also received information that you worked as a spy for Gaia." This shocked me out of my mind.

"You are going to cast me out for being too powerful? What about everything I've ever done for you sorry excuses of gods. And why would you banish me again? Because I will turn against you? Because you think that I worked as a spy for Gaia? My freaking Fatal Flaw is loyalty!!" I screamed at the king of Olympian gods. This got my dad angry.

"That is enough!! You have crossed your limits child. You are no daughter of mine. I disown you this instant and you are never to set foot in any Greek/Roman place in your life." I was now heart-broken to the core. I instantly felt a sharp pain in my chest and in a flash of light I was sent to my apartment in Manhattan.

I hesitantly knocked on the door and mom came out. She looked happy when she opened the door but as soon as she saw me she looked angry.

"How dare you come here after all that. Don't ever come back to me in your life." Then I noticed the bump on her stomach. She was pregnant. She shut the door on my face and I left without another word.


Then when I regained consciousness and opened my eyes I saw 2 figures in front of me. Both were tall and had black hair but the first one was wearing a navy blue dress and a red cloak and had a streak of white hair and green eyes while the second was younger and wore a black hoodie and jeans and had beautiful sparkling blue eyes. Those eyes, they seemed familiar.

"Who are you?" I asked. The older one answered,

"I am Doctor Steven Strange and this is Jaden Frost. Who are you?"

"My name is Angelina Rose."

"It isn't your real name, is it?" Jaden asked. I thought and said,


"Do you trust us?" Doctor Strange asked. Again thought and I don't know why I felt I could trust them but anyway I said, "Yes."

"Good. Then what is your real name?"

"My name is Percillia Jackson. But don't call me that unless you want a punch in the face. Call me Perci instead."

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