Chapter 1

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General Helcurt has destroyed the Enchanted Forest making all the living creatures disappeared including the Leonins. Even though they have suffered multiple living beings in the Azrya Woodlands except for one boy that they decided to keep him and make him their alley. Despite the fact that the boy didn't want to, he was force or tortured for a very long time, but all the Abyss can think that they waste all their effort for torturing this innocent leonin so they got an idea to how can they succeed their wishes.

All they did was too brainwashed him, removing all of his memories, his love once, and start new ones in the Abyss. The Abyssal Witch liked the idea also she became a mother to him even though she's manipulative. The boy gave all his trust to the Abyss and they succeed it.

They know this leonin has great magical abilities, critical damage, and burst. He still has difficulties with his magic but he did get the hang of it, He got a nickname Stardust because of his skill effect his not proud of it but he didn't care.

The Abyssal Witch named Selena taught him how to be cold-hearted, careless, and racist. She even said that they have enemies like the Moniyan Empire, she taught him that they are the one who doesn't understand anything at all.

Moniyan and Abyss were enemies for a really long time, all their fight was just the Twilight Orb that the Abyss wanted to get but the Moniyan was the one who has been trusted to protect it.

But the war ended two years ago when Lunox suffered herself to bring peace in the Land of Dawn, she has now been a trap in the Twilight Orb, wandering around in every dream. There is one that almost successfully got the orb and it the king of thieves with his partner monkey. But he did fail because of the Mino Maze being too huge and confusing.

Well since the war ended, but deep down its not. The Abyss wanting to take over the Land of Dawn making everyone theirs, since they got one of the best mages in the Land of Dawn they think it would pretty be easy to handle this battle.

But the boy, black ears and tail and blonde hair still wonder his past self, he did ask Selena but she only said that they were not good to talk about. But he even thought to not to care about it, it always stuck in his mind.


The leonin look outside his own room in the Abyss, he always saw crack walls and lava on the ground but he didn't care since it always what he saw when he looks outside.

He shrugs leaning into the window, "I wonder what is the outside world looks like..." He thought as he saw a falling rock in the crack of the Abyss. He heard some of Helcurt's army lurking around the Abyss being so noisy, heck annoying.

Stardust or his real name Harith thinks of other things, but he did wish to destroy the Moniyan Empire it would make the Abyss happy seeing his enemy suffer. He's still waiting, waiting for the war between Moniyan and the Abyss.

Technically he's been practicing his magic almost all day, he is disrespectful and rude but he enjoys it. He those care sometimes but not all the time.

He might be really annoying to them but he's proud of himself. But now his mind is busy thinking of the outside world. He never got out of the Abyss because Selena warned him not to go outside because it's dangerous.

He's so desperate to go outside, but he still has patients. He then saw Byssy or Selena's pet going to head and stayed. His head must be really comfy for Byssy.

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