Chapter 1

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Asta's POV

Today is the day we are supposed to get our grimories. I know it starts at noon so I am just training like usual since sister Lilly didn't expect my proposal. To be fair I think I am starting to have a feeling that I should not marry her since it has been years now. Tomorrow is when we have a check up for any strange things with our body since it happens with everyone after the grimorie choose their desired person. Even though I am manaless I know for a fact I will get mine sometime today.

When I think I was done training for now I went back to the church since it was getting time to go to the ceremony. When I got there we all just went to where it was. A few minutes later after we got there it was time for the grimories. When no more grimories floated I was the only one who didn't have one. I also didn't dare say anything so we just left. Yuno started to do more chores and I went back to training. Leter when going back to the church I saw Yuno was in trouble.

Knowing that I jast had to interfere with the fight. During it Yuno was in chains and so was I. Self doubt almost made me loss what I wanted to become but that didn't happen. After I got the person's foot off of me my grimorie came out of nowhere. Short thing short the people left and me and Yuno just went on with the rest of the day. The next day me and Yuno got ready to see the Doctor to see if anything in our bodies is weird or not. When we got there Yuno went in first.

A bit later he got out so I went in. "Sit on the table and I will see if there is anything happening with you." I nodded and did as said. He soon finished the looking with his magic and was probably bit afraid what is possibly wrong with me. "So you can only get pregnant with the one person you love." I was just confused over what he said. I heard a sight then he spoke again. "In other words the person you are destined to be with your whole life." Then I just pretend I understand what he said.

I then left the room and practically ran out to start training. Which there is a possibility I left a very confused Yuno. From today onwards I promised myself to never ask sister Lilly to marry me. Mostly because apparently I can get pregnant with the one I am destined to be with for the rest of my life. Just hope I will be the Wizard King one day. So everyday until it was time for mine and Yuno's journey to the capital I was training and was not trying to have sister Lilly marry me.

Everyone just was confused why I didn't ask her anymore. I didn't give them an answer and just feel better ever since I didn't ask her to marry me anymore. It also felt like I am now free to love someone else. It also could just be the thing the doctor told me about. By now I have also wondered who my destined person I am supposed to be with is. Besides all of that I meet someone named Fanzell. He helped me get better at using my swords. Sometime when we were having a talk we had a little fight with some other people.

Skip a bit more and me and Yuno are on our way to the magic knights entrance exams. I made mostly almost everything a competition on the way there. There was this one time during our trip that he hugged me and I felt warm on the inside. Me just being me at the moment I shrugged it off as nothing. Soon I know that will be a mistake especially after the exams. The day we did get to the capital was the day before the magic night entrance exams. So we found a place to sleep for the night.

The next morning I found myself some how in Yuno's arms. Which for unknown reasons I blushed. "Yuno wake up we have about an hour until the magic knights entrance exams." He just pulled me back towards his chest after I tried to get out of his grip. "Not until I ask you something." "Whay is it then." "To tell me why you haven't asked sister Lilly to marry you." "Just something that the doctor said but can not tell you." I think he understand I don't want to say anything about this. So we got ready for today.

The magic knights entrance exams went by so fast that it was already time for the captains to pick who they want in their squad. When it was Yuno's turn all hands where raised so he got to pick. Which it was the Golden Dawn. I on the other hand had to join a squad a different way. Mostly me just saying one day I will be the Wizard King even if I don't have any mana. To which Yami captain of the Black Bulls went up to me and I was able to join their squad.

I know for a fact one person that I kinda had a dual with tried to have a poisonous lizard poison me. I also know Yuno kill the lizard. This for unknown reasons made me want him to protect me when I don't really need to be protected. I was bit confused at that then just had an instant thought. It was what if Yuno was the person I am destined to be with. I also noticed that apparently I had a crush on him. So I am juat going to keep this to myself. That is until the time has come.

Word count: 1003

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