Chapter 12

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The second half of the day is the same as the first, and I am currently counting down the seconds till quitting time. 3...2...1... Yes! I get to see Tobias! His shift ends half an hour after mine, so I decided that I would just meet him in the control room and stay with him for the last half hour. I wave goodbye to Tori, gather my stuff, and am out the door.

I enter the control room and hug Tobias from behind, giving him a kiss on the back of his neck. He spins around and kisses me firmly on the lips.

"Hey, Tris, how nice seeing you here." he kisses me again. I back up teasingly.

"You need to work, but I'd be glad to help," I tell him and sit down in his lap while he continues working on his computer.

After half an hour, Tobias logs off of his security camera views. About half way to the apartment, he throws me over his shoulder and starts running.

"FOUR! YOU HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS!" I screech all the way home. I change into Tobias' t-shirt and clean underwear then snuggle into bed with him.

"I love you Tris," he whispers sweetly into my ear. I sigh.

"I love you too, Tobias"

"I love you three"

"I love you Four... Hey!" I playfully slap his arm and he chuckles. And with that, we drift off into a dreamless sleep.

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