Vampire Sisters Ch.6: It's Date Night YAY!!!

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Hey here is Ch. 6 It's Date Night YAY!!!! Pleaz fan, vote and comment if you like it!!!!!!!!! Or as MarissaMigdal says we shall be forced to stop writing. P.S. It's Carl

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 btw the picture on the side is HOLLYS new hair color JUST THE COLOR

" OMG that looks adorable on you holly!!! " said clare.

I was wearing a bright pink tube top makes my chest pop with out even showing a lot od clevage and it also makes my eyes sparkle and looks great with my red-burgendy hair(A/N:holly now has red hair JUST HOLLY) , a black jean mini skirt( verrrry short BUT not short enough to show my ass, my big ass, if i bend over, but almost, it teases the guys) and black and pink knee high BOOTS with a 1 1/2 inch wedge EVERYTHING SPARKLES AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my top, it makes me look skinny and shows off my sexy curves and nipped waste and then my sexy love handles!!!!!!!!! woho go sexy love handles.

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"omg i love my hair sis!" you are probably thinking what? well my sister died my hair red, i have wanted it RED NOW FOR SOO LONG, and my sister is really good at dying hair, so we went to walgreenes and spent about 30 minutes picking out hair dye for me, we went with one that washes out and its like a dark auburn RED with a burgendy color, soo fucking pretty, plus its amonia FREE, woho so it wont hurt my hair, i was so iffy on the color but it looks AMAZING. in some lights it looks like a purple/black ish color with the red and its shiny too, its sooo DIFFERENT AHHHHHHH I LOVE IT

"i love it to sis" said clare




 I wasn't to sure if I like the way the oufit looked on me, I felt like it made me look like a slut. Maybe thats not it though I've felt like this all day, like like someones been watching me and Clare. Even when i change i have a feeling someone or something , a creepy perv probably has been waching us ewwwwwwwww.

         I have also been super nervous for our double date all day! We've been shooping since eleven this morning and it is now two thirty!!! We've been shopping in stores for three and a half hours. Well I've decided I'm going to buy this outfit I hope Tim likes it.

So far Clare got an outfit too, hers is a flowey red tank that gets tighter at the waste, a pair of white skinney jeans and black strappy heels (but to me they are really stripper heels). Now we are both going to get new hair styles to surprise the boys.i wanted to  get my hair died a burgundy red color because I've always wanted to be a firey red head so my sister did it this morning, but you know that lol, and clare wants to get bangs that go a little longer than where her eyebrows are to make her eyes pop more than they already do.  

" Hurry up, Clare they're gonna be here in five minutes! " I said while putting in my new fake diamond dangally earings.

Clare Answered while putting on mascara " Hold on we've still got five minutes give me two to finish my make up and three to finish yours."

I said " Fine but I don't like being late! I'm always punctual." ok so little lie on the punctual part but i dont like always being late, but being a little late might make us look less umm whats the word anxious(in a good way), like you are soo happy and cant wait, because thats how i feel.

i dont know why though, because i have never felt this way before, especially about a guy. its a little confusing.

Clare the girl you go to for make up and guy problems says " They're guys they should be expecting us to be at least a little late they'll  probably give us an extra couple minutes.... and when we don't need it we'll be surprising them both." She finished my make up as she said the last few words. well thats a little confusing, the opposite of what i was thinking about kinda.

I said " Thanks you did a great job and Clare you look great."

I heard her think " Awe thanks you too sweety I wonder what mom would say if she saw us now. Being vampires and going on our first dates with two other vampires. "

I answered her " I think she'd be proud of us. I mean look how well we've handled ourselves so far, and about the vampire part, she would smack us for thinking we are vampires, she would be like i thought you got over that phase, but she would be happy if we are."

She agreed " Yea." and with that there came a knock on the door.

I answered it, but it wasn't Tim and Damien it was our neighbor Mr. Chnap.

Clare called over " Holly, who is it??? "

Then she walked over and saw for herself.

We were both thinking the same thing when i asked " Well this a surprise what are you doing here Mr.Chnaps??? "

" Please call me eddie. I was wondering if there was gonna be much noise tonight because lastnight there was so much i could barley sleep. " he asked.

I answered " No there shouldn't be we were just waiting to go out actually, we have dates."

He said " Not to be nosey but would they happen to be the same boys that were over at all hours lastnight? "

Clare said with a smile " Yes, yes they would their names are Tim and Damien!!!! " 

He said " Oh ok i'll be leaving you to that then have fun. "

We both said "Thanks have a good night Eddie."

Then a few minutes later the guys arrived and took us out to a movie and then on a romantic walk through the park. Right before we left I heard clare think over: "I told you they would give us extra time and be late." I just shook my head and laughed.

While we walked through the park I saw Clare with her head on Damiens shoulder and Tim had his arms around my waist (I loved every minute of it). To end the night we both got good night kisses. Then we stayed up all night talking about it and analyzing everything that happened. We also tried not to keep Mr.Chnaps up.

Hunters POV:

I was so lucky to get alot of information from those two dumbass girls!!! They thought I was just over to check up on them and complain about all the noise. Oh but I was there with a devious plan I knew they were going out because I was checking up on them all day when they were shopping. I was also easdropping so that I knew exactly what was going on tonight. So all in all I can say I didn't screw this up at all I did everything perfectly. Now that I know that it really is the guys I will call Gina and Darlene and let them know that I was right and where I live so that they can come get them.

Ring ring ring " Hello Gina I have called to confirm that the two boys are who I thought they were. Yes mhm they are Tim and Damien."

Then she asked " Where are the two bitches that stole them away from us? "

I said "They live right here next to me in NYC. "

She told Darlene they both said " We'll be there in two weeks just keep an eye on the bitches and bastards and keep us updated. "

With that she hung up and I smiled to myself thinking of how well i did today.

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