Chapter 33

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"No one is to make a sound or I will cut out your tongue." I told them. "Answer the phone Caleb and tell her to give me a second that I'm in the bathroom. Let me wash off this Blood." I say to Caleb who's holding my phone as I quickly go into the bathroom to wash my hands.

"Hey little one how are you feeling?" Caleb asks over the phone. "Oh that just sounds yucky." He replies. "Oh yeah he's around just give him like two seconds he's in the bathroom playing with himself. You know his daily routine." Caleb laughs out. I finally finished washing my hands and walk in growling as I take the phone from him.

"Hey kitten how are you feeling?" I asked her in a soft voice. "I'm fine I guess I feel kind of crazy though." She says. "Why what's wrong?"I asked her. "I keep throwing up and I know I'm supposed to I guess.... to get everything out but it's like I keep throwing up.... like I'm reenacting a scene from The Exorcist. Yet at the same time I should be feeling bad because I'm throwing up but I feel better if that makes any sense." She Rambles. "Yeah that makes sense doll faced you are getting all of that poison out of your system so of course you would feel better unfortunately it just has to come out in a yucky way." I reply.

"Yeah I guess so. So what are you doing?" She asked. "Oh you know working. Why was there something you needed that you called?" I asked. "No I just wanted to hear you." She says in a sad whisper. "Awe..Baby why you sad? Do you miss Daddy?" I asked. "Yes, when are you going to be done with work I come back?" She continues with her questions. "I mean it's been like forever since you left don't you want to see me?" Her tone sounds annoyed. Now baby it hasn't been forever it's been like a half an hour. Of course I want to see you but I have things I have to handle." I comfort her. "It is not been a half hour it has been an hour and twenty minutes so like I said forever." She says getting angry which is amusing me. "Ah I see so forever is actually a span of an hour and twenty minutes. So when I say I will love you forever technically it's only an hour and twenty minutes so then I can move on after that good to know." I say jokingly trying to hold in my laugh. "Are you serious you're just going to move on after an hour and twenty minutes. Like everything we've been through doesn't matter. Like I don't matter." She's now yelling at this point.

"Kitten are your hormones acting up again because you really are acting crazy." I inform her. "Yeah well if you were married to you like I am you would be crazy to let alone this kid inside me which happens to be yours it's probably crazy because it's kicking like it's freaking kickboxer. By the way why do you call me kitten you never told me not that I've asked but now I am so I want to know." She Rambles. I laugh and in response she growls. Being that I have the phone on speaker everyone here's the interaction and they're all laughing as well. Well at least the men are.

"Oh baby it's going to be okay that little cocky son of a bitch inside of you just like his damn daddy and he is set out to annoy you but trust me Matteo loves you already I can tell. As for why I call you kitten well that's because you have that young cute tight ass pussy so I just thought it was fitting in more ways than one." I respond smiling. With that everyone burst into laughter.

She gasps. "Do you have me on speaker?" She asks. "Yes but it's fine everybody knows how I am." I reply. "Well you're wicked. "She states. "Oh dear Athena don't act as if you don't love it. Don't act as if you don't have a healthy sexual appetite just as I do." I say. "Oh I'm not acting like I don't. I love the way you talk dirty me during sex. It sets my body up in flames and as for having a healthy sexual appetite to match yours... well I have a healthy sexual appetite yes because I love how good you make me feel and the way you can control my body but don't get it twisted we are not on the same level my sexual appetite is a healthy one yes but yours sexual appetite is one of a deranged Beast." She corrects me. I laugh. "Oh there's no truer statement than that." I state.

"I know because I so said it." She replies. "Well baby unless we're about to have phone sex which by the way I'm all for I'm going to have to jump off here and finish what I'm doing but I need you to do me a favor. I need you to ask the Healer if you're going to be completely cured and back to normal in these next hour or so and if so can you have sex and like what kind of sex. Like passionate soul searching slow sex. Like vanilla normal people sex or like fuck you into the mattress make sure you can't walk for the next two days kind of sex. That way I know what I'm working with tonight." I say to her. "Well she said I will be back to normal just like my old self as soon as this runs its course in a few hours. Which means we can have any sex you want and if I'm too tired because she said that might be a possibility then we can just role play like I'm a dead person and touch on your necrophiliac kink." She said. "Oh that sounds like a plan." I reply.

"Wait a minute you really want to have sex with dead people?" She asks. "No but if it's your dead body then hell yeah I'm going to skull fuck the shit out of you." I say to her. "Well then when I die make sure you hurry up and open my mouth because when rigamortis sets in its going to be a bitch for you to open." She retorts.

"Damn it all this talk about rigamortis is got me hard what kind of panties are you wearing?" I asked her as I rub on the front of my pants covered cock. "Ha That's a trick question because I'm not wearing any." She replies. "Fuck!" I breathe out.

"Aren't you at work with Caleb and your father?" She asked. "Yes I am but don't worry it's not like my dad hasn't seen my dick before he's walked in on me many times whether it's jacking off or fucking some hoe when I was younger that he's quite familiar with my cock and if he can't remember I don't mind rubbing one out to show you know family bonding. As for Caleb well Caleb has been dying to taste my cock so I'm just going to let him I know you wouldn't mind." I I explain to her.

"Well that's that's an interesting way to do family bonding and here I was thinking like a board game. As for Caleb no I don't mind he looks like he would be skillful when it comes to his tongue play and those lips definitely going to work as a vacuum." She says making me laugh is everyone's face morphs into shock. "I was thinking the same thing." I say to her then she starts to laugh. I love how she gets me. The next thing you know she's coughing and choking out and I'm sorry I have to go and the line goes dead.

"Well it looks like the medicines working." I say. "Now let me just my cock let's get back to work shall we unless you really do want to suck me off Caleb?" I asked nonchalantly. "You do know I'm not gay?" He asks. "You do know I'm sexy as fuck and I can turn a straight man gay?" I retort. "Now back to business." I yell out clapping my hands together.

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