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I'm going to give you all a summary about the beginning, in this story, the students at Winterville High get a full-year vacation. 

So the past chapters:





are placed during this full-year vacation.

Mizuki Kyon (The main character/you) is the middle child of the household. She loves reading and is a complete nerd at school but at home and work, she's a complete badass. She has a secret job at a nightclub/bar in Townsquare and she has a bad habit of smoking. She's an introvert yet she needs to be hugged when she's in a bad mood, she would ask her siblings or close friends to comfort her during those times. She's very quiet at school and is never seen going to the principal's office, she doesn't know that her teachers completely adore her and is completely oblivious to how famous she actually is at school.

Her father, Lenore Vincent/Kyon, who was born in Italy, runs one of the biggest technological companies in the world. He looks intimidating at work but turns into a softie when he's at home. Since he's very tall, it gives him a scary vibe to his looks and personality, he also looks foreigner and that seems to frighten his coworkers at work when he speaks Korean and Japanese. He also knows that his children are working and does worry that his daughter works at a club or bar which her uncle owns.

Her mother, Seo-Yeon Kyon, who was born in South Korea, was an idol during her teenage years, she ended her career when she met Lenore in Italy at the age of 24. In the present, she is a normal housewife who enjoys cooking and reading. She's incredibly sweet and kind yet when she's angry, she's scarier than her husband. This woman loves her family with her heart and she does know what her kids are doing in their free time, she just doesn't show that she knows.

Her older brother, Kouta Kyon, is seen most of his time teasing or being affectionate towards Mizuki. He gets overprotective over her sometimes, he works at a small cafe downtown. He sometimes does street performances or goes to the gym during his free time. He is also seen talking to females since he has the height and looks for a young k-pop idol, he hates the attention and gets uncomfortable and one of his younger siblings always has to save him.

Her younger brother, Kazuki Kyon, is a mischievous person. He is a year younger than her but his appearance seems a lot older than he actually is. He enjoys gaming and hanging out with his friends, he incredibly lazy yet he aces all his exams and tests in school. He loves pranking people, it doesn't matter who they are and he doesn't get caught. He claims that it's entertaining to watch how people look for the suspect.

One of her friends, Hana Choi, is a friend of the protagonist from middle school. She is the leader of the choir at Winterville High and can be annoying to others with how bubbly her personality is. She has been teased because of how she can be good at things yet get caught doing idiotic stuff, it doesn't matter where since everyone finds out in some way. Since she's one of the nicest people in the school, she gained popularity with the rest of her friend group. She is also oblivious to her popularity and doesn't care about it. She also knows what the protagonist does in her free time and sometimes joins her but she doesn't always since she doesn't want to get into trouble.

Her other friend, Kyung Gim, is also a friend from middle school. She is the leader of the track field at Winterville High, she is one of the fittest people in the school and her personality catches people's attention, in a good way. She's the shortest of the trio and does get teased about it, her temper can quickly snap at people who tease her but never at her friends, she's patient with them. She isn't oblivious to her popularity but doesn't care about it, saying, "It doesn't matter to me what they say or think of me, I'm just me, a normal student who loves doing things." She also knows what the protagonist does and is extremely furious about it but will keep her mouth shut and allow her to do it.

Joon Jeong, a guy who has been friends with the Kurosawa siblings from way back, is the leader of the Programming Section of Winterville High. He's that stereotype of the modern nerd who likes gaming, comics, and programming. He has a habit of hacking small technologies like, phones, cameras, etc, yet he doesn't do it for bad things, just for fun. He also has a slight crush on the main protagonist, who is completely unaware of that. He usually goes to hang out at the club where she works and knows her second life since he has seen it before.

Eun-Jung Park is a member of the Programming Section at Winterville High. He's friends with Kazuki and Mizuki but is skeptical of the eldest sibling, Kouta. He's one of the tallest guys in the school and a group of friends, he's the classical bad boy of the school but he's sweet and kind around Mizuki. He also had feelings for the girl but he doesn't show it since he's scared that when she finds out, their friendship would end. He and her younger sibling are the two pranksters of the school and are known as 'Trouble Seekers.'

Ye-Jun Lee, he's the vice president of the student council and also friends with Kazuki and Joon Jeong. He doesn't like trouble and always scolds Kazui when he causes chaos at the school. Many at the school call him 'Mr. Vice' since he's good at his job of breaking up trouble in a second, even though his average height, he's still intimidating and newcomers thought he was the president. He's the younger one of Kazuki's friend circle yet he gets mistaken as the eldest. He has the appearance of a nerd at school but the personality of a bad boy or a player, he's still very loyal and kind to anyone.

Fujimura Katsuro, the protagonists' boss, also her father's stepbrother, at her underground workplace that disguises itself as a music cafe, is a twenty-five-year-old man who enjoys producing music pieces. He has a few degrees after his name since he graduated college a few months ago and isn't planning on getting a job at a studio. He enjoys the protagonist's company since they like how their personalities are similar. The cafe has a floor that looks like a normal music cafe while at the back there are stairs that lead to an underground club for people who want to dance-offs and do free rapping. The protagonists' job is to serve above in the cafe in the daytime while at night entertain the people with her voice in the club/bar. He knows that the protagonist usually hangs out on the roof of the building and has already made it comfortable there for her. 

Now, that's over. 

Please enjoy the rest of the story however you like. 

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