Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:

Tris' POV:


I'm cleaning up around the kitchen after finishing lunch when I hear a loud noise coming from the entry way.

"Tris!" It's Tobias.

I walk to the door, and see that he has been running, and probably burst in here, causing the noise.

"What? Why were you running? Is something wrong?" I'm suddenly very anxious.

"I found her." He simply states.


He nods.

"Where? Where is she?"

"She's in Abnegation." He says.

"I thought she didn't like the factions." A million questions, thoughts, and ideas race through my mind.

"Well, she's in Abnegation now. Don't know how she got in though." He looks flustered. "I'm going over there after work, and you're coming with me."

"Tobias, I can't get on the train." I say. I really don't want to go.

"We'll walk. We can leave now, I'll take time off." He seems really anxious to see her.


"Here," he hands me my coat. "Let's go."


As we walk, I become cold and shove my shaking hands into my pockets.

"You cold?" Tobias asks.

"A little." I respond.

He slides his arm around my shoulder.

We walk a bit more and I'm still visibly shaking. Tobias stops and removes his sweat shirt.

"No, Tobias-"

"Tris you're shaking. Put this on."

I sigh in defeat.


The large sweat shirt is big enough to hide my small bump.

Maybe it's better Evelyn doesn't know I'm pregnant until she's comfortable with me.


Tobias' POV:

We arrive at my mothers house
after a long, tiring walk.

"I love you and Trace. No matter what." I tell Tris before knocking on the door.

She is quick to answer.

"Tobias?" She is in shock. "Oh, come in!"

Once the door is shut, she hugs me tightly. She didn't want to seem selfish in front of her fellow Abnegation.

"Tobias, look at you! Oh, I've missed you!" She takes one look at Tris, and her happiness fades.

"Hello Evelyn, nice to see you again." Tris says, nicely.

"You too." My mother puts on a fake smile, and tries to act kindly, like an Abnegation would.

"Tobias how have you been?" She asks, immediately turning her attention towards me again.

"Great. Tris and I have been married for about 5 years now." I don't want to jump into telling her about the baby too quickly.

"That's... wonderful. Are you happy?"

"Yes, mother. I could never be happier." I reply. Tris smiles.

"Go ahead and have a seat." My mom offers.

Tris and I sit together, hand in hand, on the couch.

"Not to be rude, but why have you come over? I assume it's not just to say hello."

I look to Tris, and she nods.

"Tris is pregnant, and we need your help." I answer.

"She's pregnant?!?"

"Yes, with a baby boy. Trace."

"Oh, baby Trace. I'm going to be a grandmother." Her eyes glisten with tears. That went a lot better than expected.

"You both are going to be wonderful parents." She hugs me tightly, for a while. She moved on to Tris, and their hug is short, but sweet.

They're getting along. I smile.

"How far along are you?" My mother asks Tris.

"About 5 months." She answers.

"Oh, umm- may I... See?" She asks timidly.

"Of course." Tris takes off my sweat shirt, to reveal a tight long sleeved shirt, showing off her bump.

"This is amazing. I'm so happy for you two!" She rests her hand on Tris' belly. "Hello Trace. I'm your grandma." She whispers.

I smile at Tris and she smiles back. I've never seen my mom so happy.

"Can you help us mom?" I ask.

"Of course. What do you need help with?"

"We don't know what to expect when she's giving birth, or what to do with the baby once it's born." I answer.

"Oh I can definitely help with that." She looks at me, Tris, then her stomach, and smiles.


"Thank you for the help mom." I hug her.

"My pleasure. Please let me know when he's born." She replies, hugging Tris next.

"You be gentle with your mommy." She whispers to Trace.

Tris and I set out on our long walk home.

About half way to the Dauntless compound, Tris asks, "Tobias, do you think Evelyn likes me now? Is she ok with us being together?"

"Yes Tris. She really likes you now. She also is ok with our relationship. And she loves Trace. It might take her a while to love you, but she's definitely on the road to loving you."

"Really?" She asks, tears swimming in her eyes. Tris cries quite a bit now. The baby has been giving her major mood swings and a lot of hormones.

"Yes, really." I say, stopping. I take her hand, then cup her cheek and kiss her passionately.

She smiles and keeps walking, her hand locked with mine.

"I love you." She tells me.

"I love you too Tris." I rest my hand on her stomach, looking down at it. "And, I love you."


A/N: Just so y'all know, when Tobias says "And, I love you." (^^^ Up there^^^) He's talking to the baby. I didn't know if y'all would be confused about that or not. 😂

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