Chapter 24~I'm sorry hyung

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Jisung went home, he got in and ignored talking and making eye contact with Younghyun.

"Hey Jisung, how was school?" Younghyun asked, he thought they were okay, but he was wrong "Its fine" Jisung said and left.

Younghyun was sad because Jisung wouldn't talk to him, Dowoon noticed Jisung's behavior was changing ever since Younghyun told him they were moving.

He didn't wanted there brotherly relationship to stay like this, so he decided to talk to Jisung about his problems.

Dowoon went inside Jisung's room.


Jisung looked at the door and saw Dowoon standing there "What do you want Hyung?" Jisung asked, he didn't wanted to talk to anyone beside his friends and Minho.

"Can you tell me what's wrong? I'll help you" Dowoon said and sat beside Jisung, Jisung sighed before saying what's wrong.

"Why is Younghyun-hyung always the boss? Why can't he listen to what I want?" Jisung asked "Is it because I'm the youngest?" Jisung asked again "No Jisung, Younghyun just wanted the best for you" Dowoon said "How? Our parents never even took care of us! How could he take care of me?" Jisung asked and started crying, Dowoon hugged him as a sigh of comfort.

"Its okay, don't cry Jisung..." Dowoon said, he wiped Jisung's tears.

He was practicing taking care of Jisung, since when they move to Canada, Younghyun won't be home for the next 24 hours, and no one will look after Jisung, Jisung is matured enough to be alone but Younghyun just wants him to be safe, that way Jisung knows Younghyun really cared about him, but he never sees it.

"Younghyun just wanted you to feel loved, because he never felt loved by your parents, Jisung you didn't know Younghyun was almost left alone in Canada, thanks to a Canadian he was brought back, but his parents didn't want him back" Dowoon explained Younghyun's back story that Jisung still haven't know and Jisung now understand. Younghyun just wanted him to feel loved.

"Jisung, you need to eat dinner" Dowoon said and Jisung nodded, the two went to the kitchen.

Younghyun served them the food, but Younghyun didn't felt like eating.

"Brian?" Dowoon asked waving his hand on Younghyun's face "Hm?" Younghyun looked at Dowoon confused "Are you okay? Come on eat!" Dowoon said, he tried to feed Younghyun "I'm not hungry..." Younghyun said and left.

Jisung felt guilty.

Jisung then left the table "Jisung, where are you going?" Dowoon asked "I need to apologize for my behavior hyung..." Jisung said and exited the apartment, Dowoon was left alone.

Jisung walked outside, he called Minho to come with him.

The two met up in the mall "Jisung, why did you meet up with me?" Minho asked curious "I need to give something for my brother" Jisung said "Why?" Minho asked "He looked sad earlier today, and maybe it was because of my behavior" Jisung said "Will you help me?" Jisung asked and Minho nodded.

They went to a gift shop, and started looking for a perfect gift for Younghyun.

Jisung tried to find something perfect to give to Younghyun.

Jisung kept thinking what will Younghyun like, until he remembered Younghyun's bass guitar was broken since it was old, he had that since he was 17, so Jisung decided to buy him a new bass.

"So, did you thought of something?" Minho asked and Jisung nodded "Yes, let's go to the guitar shop!" Jisung said and pulled Minho's hand to the guitar shop.

"Hello, welcome to eaJ's guitar shop, how may I help you?" Jaehyung, one of Younghyun's friends was working there, so maybe he would get a discount.

"Hi hyung, how much is a bass?" Jisung asked "13000 wons" Jaehyung said, Jisung checked his money "This might be enough" Jisung said.

"Why? Is it yours or are you giving it to someone?" Jaehyung asked "Oh, I'm giving it to Younghyun-hyung" Jisung said "Why?" Jaehyung asked "Its a apology gift for my horrible behavior, I've acting really mean to him lately, which made him sad, I didn't notice he was trying hard to make me feel love since our parents never loved him, Dowoon told him, now its my turn to make him feel loved" Jisung said "So sweet! I'll give you a discount 3000 wons" Jaehyung said and Jisung nodded.

After they brought the bass guitar, it was time for Jisung to give him his apology gift.

Minho left, and Jisung went inside there apartment room, Younghyun saw Jisung arrive, Jisung smiled but Younghyun didn't "You don't need me right? Its okay, I'll leave you alone" Younghyun said until Jisung started talking.

"No! Hyung!"

Jisung yelled, Younghyun looked at him "Younghyun-hyung, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for my horrible behavior, you just wanted me to feel loved, Dowoon-hyung told me everything! Our parents never loved you, and you don't want me to experience that! Now its my turn! Its my turn to return my love to you" Jisung said and gave Younghyun the bass.

"Jisung, you didn't have to buy me a bass" Younghyun said and started crying, it was his first time getting a gift from a family member.

"H-hyung, don't cry, if you cry I'll cry too" Jisung said and started crying as well, he hugged his brother that way his brother knows he is safe and he is now loved, Younghyun hugged back his brother while holding the bass.

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