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"Is Jungkook sleeping here?" Jisoo asked as they went to the dinning room.

"Ah, no." Jin immediately shook his head, Jungkook looked at him. They all sat and Lalisa served the food

"Wah! Phat kaphrao!" Jisoo grinned.

"Phat— what?" Dahyun asked.

"Phat kaphrao, it's Lalisa's favorite food. And we like it too, especially when Lalisa is that one cooking it." Jisoo explained.

"Oh, it smells good." Dahyun smiled.

"Let's dig in. Before I drop Blackpink to their dorm and Jungkook to his apartment, I'm insisting." Jin said. He really isn't going to do that because he knows if Jungkook clings and step inside his house, he will be going home and will wait the next day.

"Hmm, I love this." Dahyun said when she's eating. "Teach me how to cook this, TWICE must try this."

"I know how, Lisa taught me." Jin winked.

"Oh, really." Dahyun said.

They finished eating, Blackpink said goodbye and as Jin promised, he is taking them home. With Jisoo, they got a call from their manager that they need to stay together.

"Hey, you. Come with us, I am taking you home after I drop them to their dorm." Jin called for Jungkook.

"What?" Jungkook frowned and looked at Dahyun, she shook her head.

"I am okay and will wait for Jin oppa after he take you safely home." She said.

"You're alone?" Jungkook asked.

"Why don't we just make this easy? You don't want your girlfriend to stay here alone, you drive and take Blackpink home." Jin handed him the key of his car.


"Go on, just park my car well and bring it to BigHit tomorrow." Jin said.

"But I am planning on driving my car tomorrow." Jungkook said.

"No more buts, just go." Jin gestured him to go. Blackpink get inside Jin's car.

"I am looking like a driver of Blackpink." Jungkook said.

"So am I if I'll drive?"

*Ding Dong!*

"Oh! You're coming with me now, hyung!" Jungkook opened the gate. "Moonbyul noona! You're my savior!" Jungkook grinned that made Moonbyul confused.

"What?" Dahyun and Jin approached them.

"Eonni!" Dahyun gave her a hug, Moonbyul hugged her back.

"Hey, you're all here." Jisoo rolled the window down from the passenger's seat and peeked outside.

"Byul, eonni!" She waved her hand.

"Oh, hey. Jisoo, where are you going?" Moonbyul asked. "What's going on? Is it a wrong timing for me to go here?" She asked.

"No, no!" Jin said.

"Jin hyung is coming with me and will be taking Jisoo's friends home with her. I mean Blackpink." Jungkook said and handed Jin the keys.


"Dahyun will be left with you here, hyung will be home later when we drop them by."

"Yeah, have you eaten dinner eonni? Come with me inside." Dahyun said.

"Ah, no. Thank you, I already ate with Seulgi. We've been together for two days." Moonbyul said.

"Oh, Seulgi eonni." Dahyun smiled.

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