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Okay, I know this seems crazy, but IM NOT STARTING ANOTHER STORY!! This is my 400 follower special, so, this is a thank you. A 5 part story in a concept I've always wanted to be seen explored in a fantastically sad and melancholy story. So, enjoy my 400 FOLLOWER SPECIAL OMG GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Also, since I'm addicted to context this chapter is super long and that's why I decided to make it one full 5 part series instead of just a one-shot. ENJOY!!!!


Death, blood and gunfire surrounded Y/N and his senses. He was stuck in the middle of an intense firefight on the Forerunner object, Installation 00, otherwise known as 'The Ark'. He'd fought alongside Master Chief and the Arbiter, but he was needed elsewhere.

A brute threw a spike grenade at the rocks he and his buddies were using as cover. A marine was taken out instantly, a spike went through his head. Another one was injured, a spike penetrated his leg, luckily missing the femoral artery.

Y/N stood up, and returned fire. His silenced sub-machine gun made little noise over the yelling and the explosions. He killed the leader brute, making the grunts freak out. They grabbed their grenades and set them off, charging the cover.

"Here they come!" A fellow ODST shouted. "Fire! Fire! Fire!" They all opened fire and killed multiple of them, but missed one. Luckily, he was a bit stupid, and ended up blowing himself up right as he got to the cover. It injured one marine, seeing as the grunts severed arm slapped a marine in the face, bruising it.

"Everyone okay?" Y/N asked.

"Negative. We have three dead, four wounded, sir."

"Get them rounded up and put on a Pelican. I'm going to call command and see if there's anything else." He took a few steps away from the battle site, and sat on a rock. He pressed the small communicating device on the side of his helmet, and began to speak.

"This is Gorilla Strike Force 02-19. Command, do you copy?"

"We're readin' ya loud and clear, 02-19, what's the sitrep?" A voice called out from the other side of the radio.

"The flanking squad is eliminated. We took seven casualties, three dead, four wounded. We're loading them on a Pelican now and sending them your way."

"Good copy. I need you and the rest of your ODST buddies to push into the cave you just defended. We believe they may have sent a scouting force before sending a full squad."

"Understood. I'll clear that cave for you." He removed his hand from his helmet, and walked down to the others. "Marines." They looked at him. "Command has no orders for you, go back to the Shadow Of Intent with the wounded. Squad Mike 02-19, on me."

The ODST's rallied around their Captain. There were four other people in his squad.

Kash Riva, a Private and a good shot with a sniper. His secondary armor color was Red. This was his first mission in the squad, so he was mainly quiet.

Katie 'Firebird' Rose. She was a Master Sergeant and carried the ordinance. A Radioman, as well as demolitions expert. She loved explosions, hence the nickname. Y/N had a secret relationship with her. Her secondary armor color was Yellow.

Rand Dubbo. Chips dubbo's brother and a Staff Sergeant, and an excellent operator. The technition of the group, and a great pilot. His secondary armor color was Green.

And finally, Zach 'Flash' Hirdal. He was a PFC still, but an amazing operator and a great friend to Y/N. He knew how to handle any situation fairly well. He was a good advisor to Y/N in tough situations. His secondary armor color was a vibrant purple.

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