13. Second Chances

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     "Hey.... umm.... I want to apologize about last time," Campbell said.

"Listen, you had every right to be upset. Rory just came to our dorm and told me that he liked me so he-"

"(Y/n) I know what happened."


"Your friend Rory confronted me. He told me that he was drunk and he wasn't thinking straight, so he confessed his attraction towards you and then he kissed you. At first, I was angry at him for kissing you without your consent, but then he sincerely apologized. Now I realize what an idiot I was to assume that you were capable of doing anything to hurt me for even a second. But, deep down, even before Rory confronted me, I knew you wouldn't do anything to intentionally hurt me. I'm sorry. And I completely understand if you never want to talk to me again. I just need you to know I'm sorry."

"Campbell, you don't have to apologize. You had every right to be upset, considering what it looked like. And nothing would ever make me consider not talking to you again. I love you."

"So... do you forgive me?" He asked, with puppy-dog eyes 🥺.

"Duhh," you say, lightly punching his arm.

He hugs you tightly, holding you up a bit. He lets you down and kisses you deeply. As if, he hadn't seen you in years.



"I...I have something to show you."

Your furrow your eyebrows in confusion, "What is it?"

He pulls a VHS tape from his jacket.

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