Chapter 3

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I cannot take you seriously Fallout when you say diddly darn... *tries not to laugh*

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Mitch's POV

Later that evening, after many hugs and emotional moments, we were all released to go home.

We arrived at the TC house some time around seven pm and crashed in the large living room upstairs.

"Guys, what do you think happened to Quirren and Devin?" Connor asked quietly. He had come too after I had begged our parents to let me take care of him for a bit.

The room fell silent, all side conversations quieted.

Ian cleared his throat, turning all attention to him.

"Well, they are minecraftians aren't they?

"Are you saying they died?" Seto asked.

Ian shook his head. "No, not at all. Unless Adam's alter killed them."

Adam grimaced and shook his head. "No. They were still alive when I died." he muttered quickly.

"So... they're stuck with Lilac and the dark sorcerer." Connor whispered slowly.

I pulled him closer and sighed. "We don't know that Connor. They could be living their lives like they were before all this."

"Except Devin isn't a slave." Ryan pointed out.


"Or, on the negative side, they could be going through endless torture given by Lilac."

I glared at Jason as Connor's eyes began to tear up.

"Hey, it's okay Connor. I'm sure they're fine." I whispered to him.

"Jason what the heck, man? That was completely uncalled for." Jerome scolded.

"We don't know what could be going on though. I'm just saying what we're all thinking."

"Could you have saved it for when Connor wasn't in the room at least?" I growled.

Jason just shrugged.

"What about the dark sorcerer. Do you think he could cause us any trouble here?" Seto asked, quickly changing the subject.

"God I hope not." Ty muttered. "To go through that all over again? No thank you."

"Well, he's just like Quirren, Devin, and Lilac so if he miraculously died somehow he'd probably end up respawning or something." Quentin pointed out.


"Can we not focus on this? I'd like to feel happy for the rest of our first day back in reality." Adam asked.

There were nods and muttered of agreement around the room.

"So... what now?"

Really crappy ending I'm sorry.

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