☁️Tamaki Amajiki☁️ (Part 1)

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Elf Boy & Bat Girl
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-(Y/n)'s POV-

"Oh my Gosh! U.A!! I heard their students are top-notch!" I cried jokingly.

Dabi rolled his eyes at me and put a hand on my shoulder, his grip tight.

"Yeah. And that's why we gotta destroy the place." He said. He released my shoulder and let out a delighted chuckle. "That's where you come in."

"What do you mean?" I ask, crouching down as a flashlight was shone up at me and Dabi while we were on the top of a building.

"You're going undercover, as a student." He said, turning around to look at me. His fierce blue eyes sent a shiver down my spine.

"Alright. And what name am I going to use as a cover up?" I stand back up.

"Your name with be Hitsuka Reyuji. Your "hero name"," Dabi made quotation's with his fingers, "Is Bat Girl instead of Rouge."

I laughed aloud, covering my mouth with my palm as the flashlight passed us again. "That's so plain. Who came up with that one?"

"Yours truly." Dabi winked at me.

"Hardy-har-har. When am I getting in there?"

"Tomorrow morning Kurogiri will warp you there along with Toga, she'll use her quirk and appear as your mother." He explained, his back now to me.

I winced a bit remembering why I was apart of this group in the first place. My mother was a normal, everyday middle-class quirk user. My father on the other hand was a villain, born with the quirk with the qualities of a vampire. My mother fell in love with my evil father and they had me. Unfortunately, my father then murdered my mother in cold blood by effect of the "Blood Moon".

I was brought to the League of Villains as my father still runs rampant in the streets. Every now and then, I get to see him, but that's if I'm lucky enough.

"How did Himiko even get some of my mother's blood?" I asked curiously.

"Your father provided her with some."

"But how?!" I cried.

"Not sure." Dabi admitted, hearing the crack in my voice as I shouted. He glanced at me from over his shoulder and sighed.

Dabi was easier with me because he understood what it was like to have a mother affected by their husband. He walked towards me and lifted my head up.

"You can do this. All you need to do is get to a good location at a time the place is weak and plant the device. We'll take it from there." He pulled me close to him and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around his back and buried my face into the crook of his neck. His skin was rough, but that's to be expected due to his scars.

Both of us pulled away and he bent down, placing a gentle kiss on my lips. He pulled away after a few seconds and smiled softly at me.

"C'mon Bat Girl. Let's go home." He took my hand and I smiled. I transformed into a large bat and picked up Dabi, carrying him back to HQ.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Ready Reyuji?" Toga grinned, her quirk already taking affect. The glue-like substance covered her body and the gentle face of my mother smiled at me. I bit my tongue and nodded my head.

"Good luck girls." Kurogiri says, warping us to an alleyway not too far from the school. Toga and I checked the way out before exiting. As we walked, Toga reminded me of our mission and that I had to plant the device in the next two months in order for their plan to take action.

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