Final Chapter (Unedited)

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Ashar delayed his business trip for a week to spend time with me. His family gave me a warm welcome and said multiple times that they were happy to see me. I was happy too. I had never anticipated even in my dreams that Hobsons would accept me as their family member.

I realized, I only exaggerated everything. I made up scenarios, assumed those things that did not even exist, only because I was scared and unable to believe Ashar.

I thought, they only wanted my daughter, but no, they wanted me as well. My dream came true. I always dreamt of having my own family and now I had one.

For the first time in my twenty-two year life, I was happy like never before. Ashar's love made me look at the world from the different angle and it was beautiful and worth living.

I got settled in my new apartment at my home city with Zoya. Ashar insisted me to live with him in the mansion, but I was not comfortable with the offer obviously. I said that I wanted to take one step at a time and thankfully, he agreed.

He let Zoya live with me because he was busy with his work so he said he could not give proper time to her, but he stopped by to my apartment almost daily.

I was preparing dinner for myself and Zoya when I heard the doorbell. Smiling to myself because I knew who would be, I walked towards the door.

My handsome looking man with a heart-stopping smirk on his face was standing at my doorway. 

My smile widened, "Great timing! I was about to serve dinner to Zoya. Come on in."

I stepped aside, letting him come inside.

"Where is she?" Ashar looked around.

"She is in her room, doing her usual painting." I told him and then moved towards the kitchen, resuming my work.

I started cutting all the required veggies hastily in order to prepare dinner quickly. But, my plan failed when I felt arms around me from behind.

I jumped a little at first then relaxed as Ashar placed his face on my shoulder. I put my knife down and tried to let go of his grip.

"Hey, you-" I stopped in mid-sentence when he buried his face in my hair.

"You know I'll be leaving tonight." His breathes were touching my neck.

"Yes I know." My smile faded as I recalled that he was leaving for his business trip in few hours.

It was important for him, therefore, he could not avoid it. However, he shortened the trip for me.

He further tugged me, pressing my back to his chest and tightened his arms around.

"You're not planning to leave me again, right?" He whispered lowly in my hair.

"No. Don't worry." I chuckled, putting my hands on his arms, "I'll be waiting for your return eagerly."

"I'll be back in a week. You'll wait for me." He kissed my jawline.

I turned my face to see him. Our eyes met, "Okay?"

"Indeed, okay." I assured him.


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