52. The Four Conditions (Unedited)

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Times changes, so does people, so does our situations. They realize they were wrong as they became more mature. A bad person doesn't always remain bad. What we need to do is to appreciate him if he musters courage to apologize and repent for his mistakes with a thought that you're not a saint either.

That's what I had learnt with my experience. I had decided to let go of every bad memory of my past life and start over; give myself another chance and also to Ashar.

"What were you exactly thinking?" I retorted another question to him.

Ashar was in plain, formal, dark brown suit. His hair were perfectly combed and his face was freshly shaved, clearly expressing that he attended the party.

But, I could detect bags under his eyes. His eyes looked sad and haggard as if he could not sleep properly. I knew he could not have slept peacefully when his daughter was not with him.

He still did not respond, but remained dumbfounded. May be, he was thinking that he was hallucinating my presence. I could totally understand that. He would have never thought that I would chase after him.

He glanced at me confusingly from top to bottom, widening his eyes. I felt embarrassed, remembering the mismatched slippers I was wearing with a nice, golden dress.

"Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to find you? I've been searching you for the past hour." My voice brought back his gaze on my face.

I took steps towards him.

"Why-what are you doing here?" Finally, he spoke.

I shook my head and sighed, "You don't even care about your daughter, Ashar. She pestered me with countless questions about you. How should I have explained her? That his beloved daddy is out of his mind?"

He frowned, "I do care about-"

I did not let him finish and continued showing him my fake anger, "Don't you know that I can't raise Zoya all alone? You knew I could act carelessly because this is all new for me, but still you left her alone with me."

He looked away.

I took a step further, minimizing the distance between us. I caressed his shoulder, wiping off the dirt from his crispy suit, "You said you won't leave me alone."

He looked at my hand which was on his shoulder, then me, "You asked me to leave."

I pulled back my hand, crossing my arms on my chest, "I even asked you to leave when I found you waiting for me outside my office. I asked you to leave every time you mocked me, but you never listened to me. Then, all of sudden, you decided to leave, why?"

I didn't know how far away I was from the mansion. The street was dark and silent, may be because it was almost midnight.

My legs were aching.

"You didn't keep your words. You left me and Zoya alone for another woman." I provoked him.

He hissed, getting angry, "There's no another woman. I love you dammit."

My eyes widened.

We stood still for a moment. He was piercing his angry gaze into mine. Then, I stood on my toes, leaned closer to him and kissed his lips.

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