Chapter 31

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I stand up intake off my suit jacket hanging it near the door. I then begin to unbutton the first few buttons of my dress shirt and roll up my sleeves to my elbows. There's a knock at the door and I answer it being as I'm the closest. An outside is three of our men with the watchers.

The watchers are special chair that I've designed myself. You see the chair is big and bulky so it's not easily to be turned over. It has restraints at the ankles, the knees, the thighs. Also around the waist, around the upper breast area, the wrist, and the upper arms. The chair also has restraints around the chin and forehead. The reason why I call it the watcher is for its unique design around the eyes. It has small little hooks that strap to the top forehead strap and the bottom chin strap. You hook those onto the subjects eyelids so that they stay wide open the whole time and they can watch whatever you're doing.

Another fun thing is the bottom hooks are strapped to the chin strap so when the subject goes to scream or yell it pulls that on your bottom eyelids causing more pain and even ripping of the flesh which is even more fun for me to watch. 'Damn I'm a genius. This is going to be great.' I think as I see the watchers.

"Good thank you gentlemen now go help Caleb put them into the chairs and make sure they're securely strapped. Then you may go." I say to them. Caleb orders them to strip the girls down. "No, I don't want them stripped naked like usual. Leave them in their underwear. I don't want Athena getting any ideas that this was at all sexual." I say. "I think you're going soft man." Caleb chuckles jokingly.

"Soft? Really why don't I ran my dick down your throat or up your ass and you tell me how soft I am then." I laugh. "I don't think that's a good idea man Athena might get jealous." Caleb laughs. "My kitten is as nasty as I am in bed you should see what she has done to me. She caged my fucking precious cock like it was a bird so I was in pain and couldn't get hard and then rode the damn cage like she was a prize champion rodeo rider. Fuck knowing her she might just join in with a big ass strap on herself." I explain and they all laugh. "I could see it now... I'll take you from one end she takes you from the other." I chuckle. "There's something wrong with you two.... like really wrong with you two. No wonder you two make such a great couple." He smiles. "So is that no to getting a gangbanged by me and my wife?" I joke. "That's a hell no! I feel like Athena would be rougher than you which is scary." He says and we all burst out laughing. "Hell yeah she is a sexy beast. I mean fuck she put my dick in a bird cage." I yell. "Tell me again why did I let you marry my daughter. Marco asks. "Because I'm sexy as fuck and I got a massive dick that's going to create a lot more babies." I said to him and Philippe roars with laughter.

"All right gentlemen enough about sexy time with my beautiful wife because that will come after for me at least and still possibly Caleb." I joke and everyone just shakes their head smiling. "It's playtime now let's not waste a minute." I say as I move to Rebecca. "What are you going to do to her?" Katherine asks. "Oh you see she gave the poison to my wife poison claiming that she didn't know what the powder was but she did it cause you offered her alot of money but let's be honest someone pays you to put powder in someone's drink and be quite about it it's obviously poison and not fuckung vitamins so she knowingly poisoned a pregnant woman and not just any pregnant woman my wife. So to answer your question what I'm going to do with her is make her hurt a lot like I'm going to do to all of you." I say with a smile as I grabbed Rebecca who is now free from her restraints by the hair and lead her to the table.

"Now ladies we're going to have a little history class... doesn't that sound fun?" I asked. "You see this torture that you're about to receive is an honor of my wife. For you all thought that you could hurt my wife and nothing would be done about it.... well you're wrong." I explain. "Since it's in honor of my wife I have taken the time to incorporate some things that Athena would like. For those who don't know Athena I will explain you see she is a lover of books a lover of knowledge. She's like a little sassy sexy know-it-all kind of pixie. She's has a great thirst for knowledge. She loves to one-up someone in the intelligence Factor. So I thought it was fitting that we would have a history lesson. That way I can give you some knowledge on the practices I'm going to use today. You know in honor of my beautiful sexy Athena." I say. "And Rebecca is a very special table as you can see it's flat with restraints but in the middle of it you see this long piece of metal sticking up that has a hook attached to it and you see this crank here. Do you know what that's for?" I asked her as my men lift her onto the table and strap her down. You see I like to get dirty but I don't like to do the heavy lifting I need to save my energy for all the things I'm about to do.

She's shaking her whole body looks like it's vibrating with fear. She cries begging for her life like a beautiful song to me now almost like Mozart playing in your head. "You didn't answer my question Rebecca." I say. "Do you know what this table is for?" I asked again. "No, Sir." she replies. "Oh good well I'll have fun explaining it while you experience it firsthand." I chuckle. "Because after all this room and my bedroom is where the true magic happens." I laugh.

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