Forty One

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There it goes again, the throbbing pain in my head that knocked me out of sleep. Different parts of my body ached too. Opening my eyes, I met the ceiling. I swallowed as I felt my throat dry, my brain urging me to get up for a glass of water. However, shifting my position, I felt Baekhyun's arm on my waist making me realize that I was on the bed with him. I checked on my clothes which surprisingly was Baekhyun's sweater, the one that he wore the night before.

Wait! How did I get here? My head throbbed once more.

We were in the living room with Soo Ah and Kyungsoo last night. I closed my eyes, forcing myself to remember what happened the night before but it only made my head throb even more. Lifting my hands to the parts of my head where the pain emanated, I must have woken him up. I sensed him move behind me. Using the hand that was previously on my waist, he gently shoved my hair away from my neck before nuzzling his nose on it.

"Morning baby..." He greeted in a sleepy voice. "How do you feel?" His low, muffled and slightly raspy morning voice reached my ear, his lips almost touching my skin as he spoke while his hand traveled to my waist once more.

"I think I'm gonna die." I groaned, wincing on the pain.

Though obviously sleepy, he let out a small laugh at my exaggeration before making me face him by shifting my position.

It was just then I noticed that he wasn't wearing any shirt, his perfectly toned chest in display. Hugging me, I ended up snuggling against him, shutting my eyes.

Why is he shirtless, it's cold?

"No, you can't die." He replied, a hint of smile on his voice as he tightened his arms around me. "I'm not gonna let you."

Actually, I wanted to appreciate this moment. Being with Baekhyun, tangled in sheets on a cold winter morning, him whispering sweet nothings to my ear but my hangover was being a kill joy. I gently pushed him away, freeing myself because I was kinda suffocated. I could taste the alcohol in my throat and it was making me nauseous. My stomach churned as I felt like throwing up.

Without wasting any more time, I jumped off the bed covering my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I went straight to the toilet bowl and started to throw up.

I really felt like dying.

A few seconds later, I noticed him walked in. He stopped behind me, gathering my hair in his hand and lifted it up.

Oh god, this is ridiculous.

I was so disgusted with myself puking right in front of him. I shouldn't have drank last night. That was a very bad idea. I remembered him stopping me from drinking more but ugh, what had gotten into me?

Flushing the toilet, I stood and stepped away from him so I could wash my mouth as well as my face in the sink. Doing this, I was conscious knowing that he's here with me, watching my every move. From the mirror, I could see him leaning on the door, his hands inside his pockets. Turning off the faucet, I moved to reach for the towel near the shower area. While wiping my face, I hesitantly faced him and directly met his eyes. I couldn't read the expression on his face as he stood very  handsome and hot a couple of feet away from me.

I was so conflicted trying to concentrate on how to ease what I was feeling but he was here, doing absolutely nothing but still ended up urging every cell in my body to go and melt in his arms.

Then, as if he could read my mind, he stretched his arms out seemingly asking me to give him a hug.

I swear he can he read my mind, what kind of sorcery is this?

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