Vampire Sisters Ch. 5: OMG we have DATES!!!

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vampire sisters ch. 5 OMG we have DATES!!!

Just when we were all starting to have fun playing trouble, talking and laughing Tim says " I'm sorry ladies, but it's getting late and we really must be heading home."

I could feel Clares disapointment that Damien had to leave and I knew she could feel mine over Tim going away (boy this was gonna make being depressed or just sad a nightmare). I guess we both wanted more than just a friendly aquaintance relationship with the guys.Then I heard Clare think over: "Oh man I was really hoping for a boyfriend or atleast something more than a friend out of Damien, I think he felt the same about me. Don't you want the same from Tim?"

I thought back: " As much as I hate to admitt it yes, I went from hating the guy to liking him alot in one day. If not a boyfriend then what did you hope Damien would be thats more than a friend...BED BUDDIES???"

I saw her face go red and heard her thinking to me: " Maybeee..."

I was so mentally fried from the day that our telepathy talk made me start cracking up. Inbetween laughs I said " Like...I'd all hours of the night...sure we...don't ha-have to...sleep but...I-I'm not g-gonna let...that go on at night!!!! "  

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oh shit i think she heard me,


"damnet holly shut the fuck up" thought clare

" hey sorry sis i didnt mean for you to hear that, but you know its true"

"hmpf" she thought while i was still laughing.

Just starting to recover from my laugh attack I looked over at Tim and Damien. They were awkwardly standing, with confused looks on there faces, giving eachother worried glances, and probably thinking "Man is she high or just crazy?" That just made me laugh even harder, i guess vampires can still have ADHD, and yea i have ADHD bite me(or maybe ill bite u , im the vampire, ohh r u a vampire to ahaha)  and them glance at eachother even more worriedly, while Clare just sat there with her head in her hands. Then finally Clare got up and got a glass of cold water which she then proceeded to throw on me and that just happened to make me all better and stop laughing. Then I got up to let the guys out and before they left Tim murmured " Holly I really like you would you like to go on a date with me? "

The only anwer i was capable of was a nod of my head because I was so dumbfounded I couldn't form words. Aparently Damien asked the same for Clare because before the boys were even out of the building she screamed " WE HAVE DATES WITH TWO HOOOTT VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!! "

Then i said " Quiet down there is no need to shout it to the world! We don't need any neibohrs knowing about us being vampires."

Clare answered " Fine lets get to bed tommorow is going to be a big shopping day for new outfits to wear on our dates. "

I gave her a faked happy answer " Yea I'm so excited! " but really I felt like something was wrong. What they didn't know was that she was right (bout the feeling like somthing was wrong) and that our vampire hunting neighbor just found out that he was living nextdoor to two vampires. 

( A/N: try to guess whos pov this is

the anonimus one under this duh ahaha)

Anonimous POV:

Oh my god shut the hell up already those two boys have been over since late this morning. I wish they woud just go away it's almost two in the morning. Unlike some people I actually have a job to get to and its a very important job that without me would never get done. Then finally there was quiet until that blasted laughter started up. That laughter seemed like it went on for days it was so anoying, I felt like I wanted to bash my head into a wall anything to stop the girls high pitched squekey laughter. Then there was running water a door opening and closing and silence for the next five seconds. I assumed the boys left which made me ecstatic because finally I could get some sleep. Or so i thought because after those five seconds there came the loudest scream I have ever heard. The scream came from one of the girls saying "  WE HAVE DATES WITH HOOOTT VAMPIRES!!! " Then the other voice said " Quiet down we don't need any neighbors knowing that we are vampires." or something along those lines. That just means my work here officially begins, now just to make a call.

Ring Ring Ring " Hello Darlene tell Gina that I may have found the guys and that there may be two special someones involved."

I heard Darlene hiss " Who are the two bitches that stole our guys? Whoever they are vampire or humans they will die and burn in hells fire!!! "

I said " They just may be my nextdoor neighbors no older than 18 just turned today by the guys."

She answered angrily " The two basterds that did this will fucking burn in hell now with them instead of ruling by our sides when we take over the world!!! "

She then gave a scary evil laugh and said " Oh and don't screw this up because if you do you will be down there with them." With that said she hung up and left me with her threat as encouragement to find the guys and bring them to her.

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