Perfect time

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Roddy pov

I couldn't sleep cause I could hear Dee crying and I didn't want her to cry herself sleep so I said fuck it and just went in the room.

"Leaveee!" She said once I climbed in the bed with her.

"I'm not leaving Dee. I knew I told you at a wrong time but I just felt like I couldn't marry you with this big ass secret on my shoulder." I said wrapping my arms around her.

"You should have told me sooner" she said facing me and I wiped the tears on her face with my thumb.

"I know.. to be honest I don't know what I was thinking I just felt like it was just never the right time" I said

"Well you chose the absolute worst time. Our wedding is literally today and here I am crying you just have horrible timing"

"I'm sorry it was years ago and I haven't even looked at another bitch since" I said

"I know that it was years ago but it doesn't make it hurt any less"

"I'm sorry shorty" I said

"Stop apologizing"

"I'm sorry" I said not knowing what else to say


"I just want to let you know how bad I feel cause I dead ass don't want to loose you cause you've been solid since day one" I said

"I always told you that if you cheated on me than that'll be it but I just feel like.. umm I don't even know we have a whole kid and our wedding is today and it was years ago so I forgive you but let me tell you this now..if you ever in yo life do something like this again that's it I'm done and the only relationship we'll have is a co-parenting relationship" she said and I sighed in relief.

"Never again at this point all I see is you" I said and she stared at me for a good minute.

"I love you" I said

"I love you too" she smiled small

"Can I kiss you?" I asked making her laugh

"Why are you asking?"

"Cause I know you still mad and I don't want you to bite my lips off" I laughed and she kissed me and bit my lip and sucked on it.

"I'm still mad at you" she said breaking the kiss.

"I know I'ma make it up to you" I said licking my lips and she yawned.

"You tired? I'ma let you go to sleep" I said getting up but she grabbed me.

"You can stay" she said making me smile and I laid next to her wrapping my arms securely around her.

"Ohhh your hands are cold" she said once I put my hands up her shirt grabbing her titties.

"You're body is warm" I said closing my eyes and allowing my tired body to finally sleep cause I had a big day tomorrow.

"Roddyy get up" I heard Dee say waking me up and I could here the alarm on her phone.

"It's only six sleep with me for thirty more minutes" I said rolling on top of her and I placed my head on her chest and was able to hear her heartbeat.

"I have a lot to do today" she said and I got up off her. Once I heard the shower running I got up and brushed my teeth and washed my face and I climbed in with her.

"Damn this water hot as fuck you tryna burn yourself?" I questioned turning the knob so that it was warm.

"Roddy stop turn it back it feel good you're tripping"

"Nahh it's burning me" I said and she smacked her teeth

"Ok I'm done switch spots with me so I can put soap on" she said and we did just that.

"Scrub my back since you here" she said handing me her loofah and I grabbed it and some soap and scrubbed her back.

"Damn I dropped the soap get it for me" I said and she bent over in front of me

"Damn" I said staring at her ass and I grabbed her waist"

"Move I told you we're not having sex till after the wedding" she said facing me.

"You acting like you a virgin and waiting till marriage. This is not that" I said

"Well I heard tha-"

"I don't care what you heard" I said picking her up and pressing her against the wall and kissed her

"Roddy I want to be able to walk down the isle" she said breaking the kiss and making me laugh.

"I don't know why you laughing" she said and I put her back down.

"Cause I was just imagining that shit" I said clenching my stomach as I continued to laugh making her laugh too.

"Shut up cause I be really sore and my legs be feeling like noodles" she said scrubbing her body

"That just mean I'm hitting it right" I said

"If you say so"

"Fuck is that supposed to mean?" I questioned

"Nothing now can you move so I can wash the soap off my body. We have two showers for a reason I don't why you always wanna shower with me"

"You're really trying me like I won't have you rolling down the isle in a wheelchair" I said and she laughed but I was dead ass.

"Whatever" she said tryna move past me but I ain't let her.

"If you tryna say my dick trash you better say it now or forever hold your fucking peace because you bout to marry this dick in a couple of hours" I said

"I'm just playing damn but for real let me rinse my self so I can get out" she said and I let her do her thing and I did mine.

"Come here" I said sitting on the bed with a towel around my waist.

"What you want? I need to get ready" she said and I grabbed her making her straddle my lap.

"I want you" I said grabbing her thighs kissing  her and I made my way towards her neck sucking on it as I laid back and I knew that she could feel my hard dick pressed against her pussy.

"Okayyy Roddyy" she said tryna get up so I helped her out by picking her up and I placed her to wear she was sitting on my face.

"Mmm fuckkk" she moaned turning me on more

"Damnn" I said sending vibrations up her body and she began to moan uncontrollably as I started to suck on her clit.

"Cum for me" I said and on que she came and once I was done she got off of me and kissed me slipping her tongue in my mouth.

"I wanna please you too" she said grabbing my dick and I smirked as she placed her lips on the tip of my dick holding eye contact just how I like it.
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