Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen

New Years Eve

Samantha's Pov:

I jumped over the side of couch, giggling as Ellie grunted when I landed ontop of her. I rolled over, now on her lap. She stared down at me. "Watcha doing?" I asked, poking her freckled cheek. "I was watching a movie." She mumbled, sitting back.

"You do know we were supposed to head to Times square like an hour ago, right?" I reminded her, poking her cheek again. "We have like thirty minutes until the ball drops." She looked down at me. "I said I had other plans tonight." She said, grabbing the remote and turning off the tv.

I sat up, raising my brow. "We already went to dinner." She nodded. "I know. I thought we'd stay here though." She climbed to her feet, walking into the kitchen. "This is my only chance to see it, Ellie. We're in New York City. Everyone will be there." I said in a confused tone. "We can fly to New York every New Years if you want to see the ball drop."

I sighed, getting up and walking over to her. "You said you'd come with me." I grabbed her arm. "Baby, please." I begged. She pulled away, leaning against the refrigerator. "No."

I furrowed my eyebrows, sighing in annoyance. "Why are you being such a dick today?" I questioned. She bit her lip, shrugging. "I said I had something else in mind."

"Which is?" I asked. She only stared at me, which made me even more irritated. "Which is something that i'm sure you'll love." She pulled me closer by my waist, leaning in to kiss me. I pushed her off me, shaking my head and walking out of the kitchen and out the back slide door.

I heard Ellie sigh as she sat next to me on the back porch. "Don't be mad at me." She said in that voice that got me to do anything she wanted. "Why shouldn't I? You're forcing me to stay here when you promised you'd take me to Times Square tonight." She took the car keys from her jacket pocket. "Then why don't you go?" She questioned. I stared at them as she held them out. "Because I want to go together, Ellie. You know that." I looked away from her, staring out into the dark sky, the moon shining along with the stars.

I kicked the snow off the porch step my feet rested on, my head resting on fist, my arm resting on my knee. "Why do you look so upset?" She asked, getting up. I watched her walk around to me, grabbing snow and packing it together in a ball. "I'm not in the mood for a-" I cringed as a hard ball of snow hit me directly in the face, splattering in all directions. Extremely annoyed, I slowly wiped it off, glaring at Ellie who had a mischievous little smirk on her face. "I'm serious-"

God dammit.

"Ellie, stop it-" She laughed as I took another snow ball to the face. "ELLIE-"

I stood, chasing her out into the backyard.

"Come here, you little shit!" I yelled after her, getting more angry as she laughed and threw another, hitting me in the eye. She was faster than I, atleast today she was. I couldn't catch her, only a few clumps in the face every few seconds.

I stopped, leaning over and resting my hands on my legs, trying to catch my breath. I glared as she ran over, smiling and making a stupid face. "Aww." She laughed out.

I then took the opportunity, tackling her onto the ground and dumping a huge pile of snow on her face. "Eat it, Grace." I teased her, smiling at her arms flailing and her mumbles from under the white pile. I did this for about five minutes, enjoying how irritated she was with me. When she finally was able to sit up, she was more than pissed off, spitting out the snow and grumbling. "Aww." I mocked her, giggling and moving off before she trapped me next.

"Next time you should-" I was cut off, getting whacked with what felt like a brick, but was only solid ice. "Ow!" I whined, Ellie laughing and falling back into the snow."I swear." I muttered, rubbing my pained face.

She slowly got up, catching her breath still.

"Look, I know you want to go. I do too-" I cut her off "Then why don't we? You know how much this means to me, Ell." I said with a sigh, walking back towards the house to warm up. She grabbed my arm, pulling me back to her. "You don't understand."

I scoffed. "What don't I understand? That you're too selfish to take me?" I questioned. "I'm selfish?!" She laughed. "Yes, Ellie. You're being selfish." I shook my head. "Whatever. I'm sleeping in my room tonight."

"Wait." She pleaded, grabbing me again. "What?!" I spat out at her, watching her bite her lip as if she was nervous. She looked at her watch, giving me an assuring smile.

"Samantha," She started, getting me to raise my brow at my full name.

"When I first met you I could never have imagined what our relationship would evolve into, or how much you would mean to me. I felt something in my heart that day that I feel every time I look at your gorgeous face." She looked down at the snow. "Truth be told...You're the only person that I truly care about...You're the only one that will truly hold my heart." She slowly caught my gaze again. "You've taken me to a place that I couldn't have dreamed was possible..I'd like to stay there forever. With you." A smile slowly creeped onto my lips. "I want to continue this forever. Building the perfect life and growing old together. I'll be your knight in shining armor, your Prince Charming that'll protect you from whatever life throws at you."

She grabbed my hand, gently placing it on her chest, on her heart. "This is where you'll stay. Forever." I blushed slightly, unsure of what to say.

"I love you, Samantha Smith and I wouldn't give you up for the world." She slowly let my hand go, sighing and breaking eye contact.

"What are you getting at?" I asked her, my voice calm and uncertain.

We stood there in silence, Ellie staring at the ground. A few minutes crawled by. Nothing.


"Close your eyes." She commanded. I nodded, closing them slowly.

She grabbed my hand, gently setting something in the palm of my hand. I could tell she was shaking from nervousness. 


I opened my eyes, staring down at my hand. "I hope it's not too soon..." She sighed.

There sat an engagement ring, diamonds and all. It sparkled, shimmering and glowing, showing off it's rich quality. It was overly captivating, glamorous and breath taking. I couldn't take my eyes off of it, my teeth biting down into my bottom lip. I felt tears stream from my eyes, followed by plenty more.

I was lost for words, finally looking up at Ellie who stood there with her hands in her pockets. Her face was nervous, her eyes shifting back and forth from the ground to me.

"I don't know what you mean. You're going to have to tell me properly." I teased her, smiling now while failing to stop crying.

She smiled finally, walking over and taking the ring from me. I watched as the love of my life got down to one knee, taking my hand, the ring in the other. "Sammy, will you marry me?" She asked. I nodded. "Yes." I managed to say. She slowly slid the elegant ring onto my finger, standing and opening her arms.

I ran into them, feeling her lift me and spin me around. "I love you too." I said into her neck, not being able to see through the tears. She must have been going to fast because she somehow fell backwards.

I landed ontop of her, kissing her hard, my hand resting on her chest. She embraced me, kissing me back like she meant it.

As I pulled away from her, I smiled, staring down into her blue eyes.

Before I could say anything, bright lights filled the air, blasting into millions of different colors. My eyes brightened, watching the sparks and fire.

"Happy New Years, Sammy." Ellie said as I laid my head on her chest. "What better way to start off the year than making you my wife?" I blushed, looking up at her before focusing back on the fireworks.

For the first time...

I finally feel complete.

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