Chapter 4

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The flowers and gifts had doubled in size since Hazel last stood at the lockers, also noting more pictures placed around of the girls, along with some people she assumed to be family or friends.

"It's sad, isn't it?" Hazel heard a timid voice ask from next to her.

She glanced at the petite girl, with her long strawberry blonde locks flowing effortlessly down her back. She's seen the girl around in the hallways, and she sits behind her in second period biology.

Isabelle Holland.

Hazel didn't reply as she turned her attention back to the tribute strewn all over, feeling like the murdered girls were staring right at her through the photographs. She dug her nails into the palm of her hands, inaudibly wincing as she tore through flesh.

"It's bad enough they're murdered, but then another murder takes place a few days later, if that isn't cause for panic then I don't know what is." Isabelle continued to speak, hoping to spark a conversation with the new girl.

"I heard something about a husband and wife." Hazel finally spoke, recalling the conversation she had with her brother that morning before she left for school.

"This has never happened in this town before." Isabelle spoke glancing at the tributes herself. "It's starting to cause a lot of distress."

Distinct yelling could be heard a few hallways down and the girls instantly made their way towards the noise, along with everyone else in the vicinity. Isabelle and Hazel shoved their way through and spotted a fight ensuing between two guys Hazel has never seen before.

The young boys delivered harsh blows to one another, sweat and blood flying in every direction after each brutal impact.

"Don't you ever say something like that about her ever again!" One of the boys bellowed out in fury.

They managed to get a few more hits amongst each other before one of the teachers showed up and broke up the fight, the crowd started to disperse shortly after, not wanting to get into trouble like the two troublemakers.

"That was strange." Hazel noted out loud, capturing Isabelle's attention once again.

"That's Shaun Green." Isabelle explained and turned to Hazel with a wide grin on her face, like she has a gossip-worthy story to tell. "He's Carmen's boyfriend."

Hazel glanced at Isabelle, unaware if the name Carmen should be of any significance to her. Isabelle's smile dropped as Hazel's reaction was the opposite of what she predicted.

"Carmen Gomez, the girl who discovered her friends' body."

Hazel's eyes widened in realization; she had asked her brother as much as she could about the murder, but she never thought of asking for names.

She watched as the teacher scolded Shaun and the unfamiliar boy before they dejectedly strolled behind the educator through the hallways. Hazel watched until they were out of sight before turning back to Isabelle, only to realize something else captured her attention.

"Are you okay?" Hazel asked Isabelle as her gaze was firmly planted on an older looking girl.

"I have to go." Isabelle immediately spoke walking up to the girl and her group of friends.

Isabelle watched as her sister laughed with a guy, she knew to be trouble, before he handed her a plastic bag with an unfamiliar substance inside followed by her sister handing him a handful of cash. She waited until the guy left before confronting her sister.

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