The Meaning of Like

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Noah's POV
"Nati... I like you... your funny and smart. Really smart! And I do... I really like you!"
"As a friend? Right?!"
"As a you. Nati I... like like you."
I was able to get my feelings out. I did not want to scare her. She is the only person that I am happy with. I held her in a tight hug. I combed my fingers through her hair.
"Eu também gosto de você Noah. I like you too."
Her soft words sat in my head. I held her tightly as we stood in the woods. Eu também gosto de você. My new favorite words. She liked me too. There's no danger when she's here. I held her in a deep hug for a while until we decided to head back.
"There you are! What took you so long? Had a make out session over there?"
I rolled my eyes as we sat down. I sat on Nati's right side and she curled up in to a side hug. I curled a piece of hair that came out of her braid I help make. She was warm and comfortable when I had the guts to say something in a slight whisper.
"For now on... please translate for me and me only."
"Sim eu vou. Ok I will"
I felt her snuggle in closer. We watched as Sadie and Millie teased each other. The boys talked sports. I just sat here with my favorite person.
Eventually it got late. Everyone decided to go home. I didn't wanna leave Nati. She has one leg and one arm. She can easily fall and get hurt. I stepped away and called my mom.
"Hey Noah where are you?"
"I'm at Nati's house."
"Let me guess. You want to sleep over."
"I was actually going to ask if she could come to our house."
"That's fine. She's always welcome here."
"Thanks mom!"
"Do her parents know?"
"Not home. They don't care.
I hung up and walked back over to the couch. She had a slight mood change.
" Hey Nati. Do you want to sleepover tonight at my house?"
The words left my mouth quicker then I could think of them.
Everyone else left as we walked in her house. I carried her up the stairs which is the most convenient way. I set her down and we walked to her room. She grabbed a pair of clothes, pajamas, hair brush, toothbrush, and meds. I carried her down the stairs. As we walk out of the house, Nati finally speaks up.
"Noah seus pais brigam? Do your parents ever fight?
Hmmm... I honestly don't remember the last time they fought. It must have been a while
ago. They may have a small chat with meaningful words, but it is never an issue. I looked over and Nati was standing still. I grabbed her in a tight hug as we stood there. She didn't say anything. It was happening again. She was having another Absence Seizure... I think. Her small body start to shake. Her arm twitched. I held her tightly as I watch her stare into space. Suddenly, she woke up. She started crying in my chest. I felt my arm rub up and down her scar. I wasn't trying to. It just did. I guess it was my instinct telling me it made her feel better. Maybe. That scar held all the anger in that hid under layers of kindness. It kept her from using her powers when not needed. She looked up at me with her tear filled eyes. Wait- her eyes stared to turn blue. Why are her eyes blue? I want her hazel eyes back! She rubbed her eyes and they returned back to hazel. Those eyes keep me guessing.
Her sweet eyes stared at me. I held her hand as we walked in the house. On que, Chloe walked over and asked why we were home so late. I dropped Nati's hand and pushed Chloe into the couch. We walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. I locked the door behind me and grabbed Nati's backpack and set it down on my desk. I helped her sit down on my bed. I took her crutches and settled it next to her side of the bed. I got on the other side and turn the tv on.

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