[Chapter One - New School]

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Axels POV
It was a quite morning, that was until the loud obnoxious beeping started. I groan and sit up, picking up my phone and turning off my alarm. I rub my eyes and get out of bed.

I walk into the bathroom, shower and brush my teeth. I grab my hair brush, brushing my hair, ears and tail. Most werewolf's don't really brush their ears and tails, but I do because it's one of the reasons I'm able to keep them super soft and it seems a lot of people like it when they're soft.

I put the brush down and walk over to my closet, grabbing the new school uniform and putting it on. I was attending a new highschool called 'Silverwind High.' My father says it has a better education than my older school and he was hoping that me going there was gonna help me with my 'stupidity' as he says. I sigh and walk downstairs, shaking the thought off my head.

As I get downstairs I see my younger sister Layla at the table, eating the pancakes my mom had made this morning.

"Morning mom" I say smiling and sitting down.

"Good morning Axel, are you ready for this new school?" She asked me, putting my food in front of me

"Yeah...still really nervous though...I liked my old school and the only reason father wants me going to this one is to help with my stupidity.." I say looking down

"Just ignore him, I'm sure we'll be able to make more friends here. Plus with a higher education that means we might have a better chance at getting a scholarship, and I know you really want to get into that college when we leave Highschool." Layla says looking at me for a second before her light cream colored bangs fall over her blue eyes, as usual.

"I guess you're right.." I say, taking a bite of my food

"Exactly, and hun, don't listen to your father. You're a very intelligent young man." My mom says smiling taking her white hair out of her ponytail. I smile back and continue to eat.

I heard footsteps from behind me. I turn around and see my father coming downstairs, hiding his light pink ears and tail and wearing his suit like always. His light pink hair was brushed back very neatly. He owns his own company. A company where they make phones and computers and different electronics, testing out different types of technology. The company seems to have been doing pretty well for the most part, it was called Collette Co considering Collette was our family's last name.

"Axel I want to see your grades rise this year, I do not want to see any C+ and B's, got it?" My father said in a cold tone

"Y-Yes father...I'll study more.." I say

"Ciel...C+ and B's aren't bad grades. He did get a A+ in theater!" My mother said

"Yes. THEATER. I do not wish for my son to be taking such classes while learning on how to work my business when he takes over. He will not be taking them at this school, I talked to the staff and I had made sure he wasn't put in any theater classes." My father says, making my eyes widen.

"F-father..! I love theater! I promise I'll pay attention and study more, but PLEASE let me take it!" I ask, he glares at me.

"No, you will not be taking those classes and that is FINAL. Hide your ears and tail and get to school." He says with anger before walking away.

I can feel tears rising, but I quickly wipe them away. I hide my ears and tail and get up, walking over and grabbing my backpack.

"I-I'm not hungry anymore...I'm gonna leave early..." I say

"Axel...I'm so sorry. I'll try to convince him but I'm not sure he'll listen.." my mother says, her voice a lot quieter.

"I-It's alright mom...I-I'm gonna head out...Bye..." I say, grabbing my dark blue jacket and leaving.

"Hey, wait up!" I hear Layla say from behind me. I turn around and see her run up to me.

"If you're leaving then so am I! Plus I'm the only one who drove with dad to see the school so I know where it is." She says. I chuckle and we start walking before she stops and digs in her backpack. I look at her confused before she pulls out a light blue flower crown. The flowers were fake but they were still pretty.

"I know you like them. I figured I'd give it to you after we walked far enough from the house so dad doesn't get mad. I know he doesn't like you wearing stuff like this. I think it would calm you down." She said smiling. I smile back and take it out of her hands, putting it on. Me and her laugh and start walking to school again.

~Time Skip~

After around 10 minutes, we were finally able to get to school. It was huge.

"Oh god, why does it have to be so big? I'm gonna get lost..." I say, my voice cracking a bit making Layla laugh.

"Then we get lost together!" Layla says. I chuckle and we both walk inside. Looking around I see students at lockers, running through the hallway, laughter and screams heard from all corners of the building, and some kids walking into class.

"You two must be new." Says a voice from behind us. Me and Layla turn around to see a girl with purple hair and circular sun glasses over her light blue eyes. Next to her was a neko boy with messy dark blue hair and matching ears and tail. His eyes were a light brown, he was very pale and very tall. His hands were in his pockets and his eye brow was raised.

"O-Oh! Yeah we are, we just transferred here." Said Layla

"Well it's nice to meet you two, I'm Rin and this here is Kosei." Rin said. Kosei waved at us before putting his hand back in his pocket.

"I'm Layla and this is my big brother Axel!" Layla said, "hey uh, do you know where the office is? We need to pick up our schedules."

"I need to head to class but Kosei will take you. We can meet up at lunch and I'll help give you a tour of the school." Rin says. We nodded and Rin ran off.

"Follow me you two, the office is near by." Kosei said smiling at us and walking away. We followed him until we got to the office. Once we picked up our schedules, me and Layla checked to see if we have similar classes. We only have literacy and PE together, which was disappointing but we'll just need to deal with it. 

"Hm, Layla you have the same home room as Rin. Science. You a sophomore?" Kosei asked. Layla nodded.

"You a junior?" Kosei asked me. I nodded in response. Kosei looked at my schedule.

"You have homeroom with me man. Cmon I'll take you both to your classes." Kosei said

"Alright, thank you." I reply. He nods and starts walking, me and Layla following him again.
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