Chapter One

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What a new world I've come to know, its a replica of our home, forever alone... Flying, I'm a night owl.
Alberto Rosende
(Fragile World)

Chapter One


Life... A flimsy concept. 

The number one thing everyone wants to take care of, everyone's first priority. It was that one thing that scared a whole lot of people, and still that thing that made the world go round.

I've seen a lot of movies, Netflix is to be thanked for that. Movies taught me everything I needed to know about how life worked, how people lived, how they talk and interact with each other. 

I know that in life, one should have the three Fs, friends, fun and family. It was a very important thing I learnt from movies. Although, I lacked two of those Fs in my life so... Yeah, this brings me to reality... My life, and also the reason why I didn't believe in whatever I saw in movies... My life is quite different.

You don't understand? I'll explain.

My life has been nothing but a rollercoaster of hospitals, medicines, check ups and test runs. My life is- drama filled, each day I see and hear new things, from the hospital patients to the doctors and nurses, down to the eye-rolling, dramatic cleaners. 

Although, the only place I ever had the liberty of visiting, was the hospital. 

My life consists of two places, the hospital and my house. 

It's not that I'm complaining or anything. It's just that wonderful prospect... I'm an 18 year old guy who has never been to anywhere in his life, but a hospital and his house... That’s wonderful, I mean- it makes me feel different, almost special. 

And I sure as hell am not complaining.

So, this brings me to the point of this whole concept.

I will never understand why my parents think I need to experience this side of life.

High school.

My mom's white Toyota corolla LE Eco, rolled up to a stop in front of the gigantic school my mom had talked about all week. Boldly printed in archaic looking gothic font, the giant letters ICHS, seemingly hovered in the air, until I realized they were held to the glass wall that made up the front of the school with small metal pegs. 

Show it off much?

My eyes left the font at the glass walls, to the people at the school grounds.


They were everywhere... talking, laughing, just hanging around and catching up on whatever it was normal teenagers talked about. The sound of chattering, murmurs, laughter and happiness, filled the air.

It fazed me, you know. Most of them were kids my age, and they looked really happy, they look so full of life... 

Well, they are full of life.

"Colby, we're here." My Mom's voice cut into my thoughts. 

When I was about to lose focus, my eyes landed on a particular girl. She looked the happiest. Her coffee brown hair was pulled up in a tight ponytail, leaving few curly strands around the sides of her face. She wore blue jeans, paired with a green T-shirt. The grin on her face was unfaltering, as she handed out flyers to everyone she could. 

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