(Smairuhh) how long has she been in the fandom

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On her way to work Smairuhh is TRYING to learn things about Qannen & Qynka but it's a battle, having to continually swipe away messages from brands wanting to interact with her. Housing brands, clothing brands, nutrition brands. Messages from former coworkers and roommates. Messages from people who she apparently graduated with at the Secure Future Building for Babies and who she absolutely does not remember but who seem very eager to pick up their long lost friendships.

She know it's a big deal, she knows she should be leaning in to brand interactions, she suspects, somewhat, that she doesn't even need to go in to work? But for now she is just going to pretend everything is normal and open the store, like she does every other day. You can't just abandon your job because you suddenly have followers, right? Can you?

She doesn't know what else to do. When has she ever known what to do. So she goes to work.

Her screen said: Don't wait until you're confident to show up. Show up until you're confident.


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Anyways. Things about Qannen & Qynka. Mostly Qynka. Qannen's thing about wanting to get f*ngered in every building in Wood2 is gross and unappealing. Qynka is much more compelling. Qannen is all positive energy and belief in herself. Unrelatable. Qynka is the serious one. The tortured one. The one who has never seemed certain about her self, a bit lost about what she wants to do in life. VERY relatable.

When Smairuhh gets to the SoulFeed her coworkers TheTotallyNewAnna and ThatSlutJeremmie are there, standing outside, waiting for her. This is a first. Normally she opens the store and unboxes the newest flavor concept alone and they show up to manage brand interactions right before the line opens.

"o m g ," ThatSlutJeremmie says, pointing his screen at Smairuhh and whapping TheTotallyNewAnna in the arm to get her attention away from her screen. "It's her. It's her."

"omg Smairuhh, do you mind if we take some selfies with you? We love your whole, entire, thing," TheTotallyNewAnna gestures vaguely at Smairuhh in her SoulFeed uniform - sneakers, leggings, bandeau top, apron, the same exact uniform she and ThatSlutJerramie are wearing.

They crowd around her and start shooting before Smairuhh can even respond. "Umm hi? What are you doing? You're being weird? Why are you on time?"

"We're just so excited," ThatSlutJerramie says.

"It's honestly so momentous that you're actually here, at the store, where we work," TheTotallyNewAnna says.

"We've worked together for almost a whole season," Smairuhh says.

ThatSlutJerramie tilts his head, trying to catch the light. "Yeah but like. You're her."

Smairuhh shrugs them off and uses her screen to unlock the store. The lights go on as they enter.

This SoulFeed location, one of 4 in the city, is a grab & go style experience, not a relax & vibe style experience, so it's a fairly small space, with well-lit, minimalist shelving along one wall, with the wall a giant screen offering a long loop of bright, bokeh-deckled videos of people smiling and having motivational fun. The opposite wall has a fun series of textural elements that are very well lit and make excellent backdrops.

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