Chapter 1 - The move

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„Doreen … Doreen! Wake up, we arrived!“ My mum says, shaking me.

“I’m up!” I say. I get out of the van and see the first time our new house. It’s really big and and it looks beautiful, better than our house in Bath…

Oh no, when I think about our house in Bath, I automaticaly think of my friends… I miss them!

“Oh my dear! Don’t cry, you will find here many new friends! I promise.” My mum says and hugs me.

“Yeah, maybe.” I mumble.

“Come on girls, let’s take a look inside our new house.” My dad says.

He real runs to the house. Me and my mother follow.

“So now we open the first time our new front door, excited love?” My dad asks.

“Oh dad, open only the door please!”I answer.

The new house is fantastic! It has big rooms and mine is the best: I have a big window, which shows to east, so I could see every morning the sunrise! Great!

“Doreen please come in the living room.” My dad says. Oh no his voice has this sound, when something happens wrong.

“Please sit down love.” My mother says, while I walk into the room.

“Your dad and I have bad news for you… it’s also bad for us!”

“What happens?” I ask.

“Our boss called us, few minutes ago…He told us that we must do a business trip to India.”

“Now?” I’m speechless.

“Yes. We’re so sorry, but we can’t miss this trip, it’s important!” My mum says.

“But what is with me? I’m alone… How should I find one’s way around in this big city? Who drives me to school?” I screamed.

“Relax! Every morning a school bus drives past and so you can go to school.” My dad says.

No, I can’t relax! I’m alone for.. many weeks. And we just arrived in London, how should I find one’s way around –alone? In this big city? Oh no, that’s a bad choke.

This I will never forgive my parents!


Today was the first day in school after the summer holidays. In my class is a new girl – Doreen. She looks really pretty and friendly, but the boys in my class annoy she and say stupid things, like: “Oh look there is the village-chick.” “Haha look how she walks…” And so on. It’s really annoying and I know it hurts her. I’ll speak with her when lunch time is!

When I come into the cafeteria I can’t see her. Where is she?

Oh wait there she’s, of course she sits alone.

So let’s go make her felling better!


My first day at school is everything, but not beautiful! The boys in my class say stupid things about me, but everybody laughs. And none speaks with me.

I wanna go home!!!!

I wanna go back to Bath, I hate London.

A tear is rolling down my cheek. I’m sitting in the cafeteria, of course alone.

“Hello! My name is Nicola.” A voice says.

I look up and see a beautiful girl.

“Erm… Hi, I’m Doreen.”

“Can I sit down?” She asks.

“Yes.” I answer.

“I’m in your class, you noticed?”

“No sorry. I only noticed this stupid boys.”

“Don’t think about what they say! You’re beautiful, ok?” She says with a friendly smile. “Really?” I ask and a tear is rolling down my cheek.

“Really! And now you have a friend, so you can show that you don’t care about this, what the boys say!” She says and hugs me tightly.

What I didn’t know this time, that she’s the sister from Liam!

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