Cramps (Ashers POV)

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authors note:

hey guys. this is just an extra fun chapter! this chapter is going to be another chapter like "Cramps" but in Ashers point of view. If you don't remember what the chapter was about, then you can just go back and re-read it and come back to this chapter. it's kinda out of order, i know and i'm sorry!! but i've been requested to do this many times and i thought "why not?" it will not mess up the plot of the story in any way.
I hope you enjoy this extra chapter !


Asher's POV

I was kinda annoyed of Paisley.

This was so dumb.

In my opinion, I don't think Paisley should be able to go to the party anyways, because of how she has been acting.

When I got in trouble, they wouldn't let me go to any of the parties so why should she?

And what she did was way worst from what I did in my Freshman year!

She's a wild one.

They go so easy on her just because she's the "baby" of the family and she's the only girl.

Bull to the shit.

If she wants to do what we do, then she goes through what the big guys go through.

No more baby shit.

I just needed to go upstairs and rest. I didn't have time to be aggravated, plus, I was starting to get an headache.

As I was going into bed to seek peace, Luke called out, "Paisley is in your bed tonight Asher!"

Just my luck.

This was dumb.

If she wouldn't have did the dumb thing she did, she wouldn't have to be sleeping in my room.

I don't understand why Luke wouldn't just let her chill in her own room. It's not like she's going to jump out the window.

Trust me, I know Paisley, she would be too scared to.

Why do we have to serve the punishment too for what she did?

Shits lame dawg.

I couldn't even have my own room to myself.

I hated sharing my room with Paisley, she always hogged the bed and pulled the covers off.

No one liked sharing a room with her, she's such a bad sleeper and she'll cause you to go the the hospital with all her kicking.

Plus she kind scares me in her sleep... she sleep talks and trust me, you would be scared too.

I went into my room and cleaned up a little before Paisley came in.

I'm sure she wouldn't want to sleep in a messy room, so I might as well clean a little bit.

Well I guess you can say "cleaned."

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