Stray kids (felix)- you are my home

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Non-idol au
Possible warning: some homophobia

Y/n had known Felix since he moved to Korea. He'd never had a friend, often sitting alone at lunch and spending most of his time away from other people. With his home life being difficult to say the least, he was mostly found by the park near his house, sitting in the wooded area amongst the trees.

When Y/n first spoke to Felix, it was because the poor Australian boy couldn't figure out where his class was. On that day, Y/n had been running late to his math lesson when the confused foreign boy had asked him where to go.

"I'm sorry to bother you but do you know where room 102 is?"
His Korean was pretty good for someone who hadn't lived there very long.
"I'm heading there now actually. Come with me."
Y/n gave Felix a shy smile.
"Oh, I'm Felix by the way!"
Realising he hadn't introduced himself, Felix spoke up as they walked to their lesson.
"I'm Y/n."
The boy clearly wasn't very talkative but that didn't stop Felix from trying to start a conversation.
"Thank you for helping me. It's my first day here so I have no clue where I'm going. I was given a map but it's very difficult to read."

That was all it took to spark up a friendship. Felix was quite outgoing compared to Y/n and he often brought out the louder side of his introverted friend. Luckily for Felix, Y/n had family members who spoke English so Felix could easily speak to Y/n in English if he couldn't remember how to say something in Korean.

"Y/n, what's the word for lamppost?"
"Why do you need to-"
Y/n yelled as he walked into a lamppost that he had somehow not noticed.
"I was trying to warn you."
Felix chuckled at the boy as he pouted.
"Warm me in English then!"
He playfully glared at his Aussie friend.
"I'm sorry."
Felix put his hands up in defence and laughed as his friend sighed and continued walking.

The two boys were heading to their favourite spot. In the forest behind the park there was a rather large cherry blossom tree. Y/n, being the theatrical person he was, often liked to sit under the tree and talk to Felix like they were two characters from a k-drama.

As they sat down, Felix asked Y/n a question.
"What do you think you'll do when we leave school? I know I always talk about writing songs but I guess I've never stopped to ask what you want to do?"
Y/n paused to think, sighing heavily before he spoke.
"I don't know. I'd love to work for a design studio or maybe do animation but,"
He hesitated.
"But what?"
"My parents want me to be a lawyer. My dads side of the family have all been lawyers and he wants me to continue that tradition. I've told him I don't think that being a lawyer is right for me but he doesn't want to listen. Neither of my parents want to hear what I want."
Felix looked at his saddened friend and put his arm over Y/n's shoulder.
"Well I think you should go for it. If you want to work for a design company or an animation studio then I'll be with you the entire journey!"
The boy smiled at his dreary friend and Y/n wondered for a moment how he found such an amazing person.

Felix was home alone when he got a call from his friend. His parents were working late, as per usual, and he was sat watching tv.
"Hey Y/n, what's up?"
He knew his friend wasn't one to call and it concerned him that he was getting a call that late.
"C-can I come over?"
The Australian's concern, instantly got worse when he heard the shaky voice on the other end. He knew Y/n had been crying just from the way he sounded.
"Of course, where are you? What's wrong?"
"I'm by the park. My parents and I got into an argument and I don't want to go back tonight."

Felix held his friend close as they sat on the couch. The boy sobbed into his shoulder and all the Aussie could do was rub his back in a comforting manner.
"What happened with your parents?"
Since Y/n had calmed down slightly, he decided to ask the boy what had caused the argument.
He looked at Felix, asking him a question.
"Promise me you won't hate me?"
"I could never hate you! I mean, if you murdered someone then I'd probably distance myself but I could never hate you otherwise."
Y/n giggled quietly.
"I told them I was gay and they didn't like it to say the least."
He looked at Felix for a response.
"It's their loss then. Being gay shouldn't change their love for you, even if they don't understand it."
Y/n smiled at Felix.
"Thank you for letting me come over, you have no idea how happy I am that I have you."
The Australian pulled his friend in for a hug.
"I'm just happy that you can talk to me about things. Being gay won't change anything between us, besides, I'm gay myself so if anything it makes it easier for both of us."

Y/n's parents asked him to move out the next day, telling him that they didn't want a gay son under their roof. With Felix having a supportive family, he was quick to ask his parents if his friend could stay with them. Having a spare room came in handy when his friend moved in.

A month had passed since the boys' coming out and they had only grown closer. Y/n had always had a small crush on Felix but it had only grown when he had moved in with him and his family. What he didn't know was that his love was not one sided and Felix felt just as strongly about him.

The two boys sat together at their usual spot. Felix held Y/n's hand as the two chatted about school. Something had been on Y/n's mind for a while but he didn't know if it was a comfortable question to ask Felix.
"Whatcha thinking about? I know that face. It's the face of 'I have a question for you but I'm too afraid to ask'."
Y/n thought for a moment before asking his question.
"How did you figure out you were gay? Was it something you'd always known or did something suddenly connect all the dots for you to figure it out?"
"Well, I guess I always kind of knew but didn't admit it until I met my crush."
A moment of silence fell over the two.
"Your crush?"
The Aussie nodded in response.
"Who's your crush?"

While Felix was usually quite outgoing, he seemed to hesitate when asked to talk about his crush. Y/n had sensed his hesitation and tried to remedy the situation.
"You don't have to tell me! If you don't want to it's fine. I don't want to make you uncomfortable."
"It's you."
There was a moment of silence that felt too long for both boys.
A heavy sigh left his lips as Felix spoke again.
"You are my crush. I've liked you pretty much since I met you and I never said anything because I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

Being confessed to had never happened to Y/n before. He didn't know how to respond and since his words were failing him, he opted for hugging his friend tightly.
"Is this a 'I like you too' hug?"
Y/n pulled away from the hug, nodding at Felix with a bright smile on his face.
"Can I kiss you or is this too soon?"
Felix spoke nervously, overflowing with a strange happiness he had never felt before.
"Of course you can."
Finally regaining some confidence, Y/n managed to speak.

Dating wasn't strange to either of them. It was a worry for both of them that a relationship would ruin their close friendship but to both boys, it cane naturally. It was as if they were made for each other. As the romance blossomed between them, they both felt euphoric. Together, they felt at home.

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