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causing one to have the idea or
impression that someone or
something is questionable,
dishonest, or dangerous.


Another night of hushed whispers, frantic but collected footsteps and dark shadows to hide the figures that ran out every night. Madam Red and Grell snuck out almost every night recently and came back in the morning as if nothing had happened. (Y/n) knew they were keeping something secret and she knew better than to ask - it would be intruding.

"Good morning, Madam" (y/n) greets politely as she opens the curtains to Anne's bedroom. She groans from her place in the wide expanse of the bed, her red hair messily gathered around her head. (Y/n) frowns lightly, wishing her Lady would not hide things from her if they are self proclaimed 'best friends'.

Anne awakens sluggishly, pushing herself from the comfort of the soft and cloud-like pillows. A hand raises to wipe her eyes from sleep and (y/n) catches a glimpse of something red. She blinks, it's still there and it's turned a light brown. It's tiny, splotched on the back of her hand and (y/n) feels her throat tighten.

Anne brings her hands down and immediately gasps, bringing her hands under her covers "I'll get ready myself today! Please carry on your other duties" Anne shushes off the maid in a tone less than suspicious.

"O-oh, alright"

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

"(Y/n)! Please come here!" Madam Red shout from her study. The wide and long doors open with a creek and (y/n) walks in steadily. She observes how a Grell stands behind Anne, a complex expression on his face.

"Please prepare a carriage, Ciel wants to talk about the 'jack the ripper' cases" She sighs disinterestedly, fiddling with her rings on the large oak desk. (Y/n) nods and walks off, her thoughts going haywire.

Anne surely thinks that she has kept her dirty work private.. how dumb does she think I am?

"Oh! Please prepare the carriage for our Lady! She is going to the Phantomhive estate" (y/n) called out to the carriage driver who nodded, a strict look on his face. (Y/n) sighs as she waits for Madame Red to make her way down.

She is hiding something... but surely it cannot be something life threatening?

"Come now (y/n), Sebastian may need your help again" Anne laughs as she walks past, her fingers barely grazing the hem of (y/n)'s skirt. A shiver travels up the maids thigh from even the slightest touch. The wooden carriage groans loudly as the weight of 3 people are added into the back. As the door closes, (y/n) takes time to look out the window and think about the reason Anne would have a splotch of what looked like blood on her hand.

All I have to do is keep up my façade for longer..

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

"Welcome, Madam Red" Sebastian greets, a hand resting above his heart. He scans the room delicately, his wine red eyes observing every movement.

"We're serving earl tea today, I hope it's to your taste" He motions the tray holding the tea cups. Anne nods and lifts a cup and saucer and takes a seat near Lau. His maid stares boredly at a bookshelf in the corner of the room. (Y/n) sighs to herself, standing near the doorway.

Anne busies herself with talking to Ciel about the murders and (y/n) can't help but think about what she seen earlier.

"I will go get the dessert you ask for my lord" Sebastian's voice breaks (y/n) from her daydream as she looks at the tall man "Would you please assist me, Miss (y/n)" he asks, extending a hand to motion the maid who stares at him blankly.

She nods "Of course!" And scuttles on behind Sebastians who holds the door open for her.

It feels as if (y/n) can breathe once again after exiting the room. She felt so stuffy and on edge the whole time any mentions of blood were brought up. She focuses on the pattern of the carpet to calm her thoughts.

"I noticed that you seem to be thinking of something, no?" Sebastian asks, glancing down at the shorter female who takes a sharp inhale of air "If you anything about the murders, you must tell me"

"No! It's nothing like that" She dismisses the curious butler who stares at her blankly.

He sighs "I seen how you stiffened when there was mentions of blood" His ruby eyes scan hers, and he sees a flicker of weakness "Tell me, do you know something?" He pauses in his walk, caging the girl against the wall to intimidate her. She pauses, her eyes wavering as she stares into Sebastians. He shows no sign of backing out.

"Nothing of your concern" She states, a flash falling over her eyes. It was quick, a magenta colour swooped through her eyes in less than a millisecond but Sebastian seen it.

He chose to stay quiet however, and continue to walk down the long hallways, a smirk on his face.

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

After Madam Red had left with (y/n) and Grell in tow, Sebastian reported to Ciel, a satisfied smirk grazed upon his looks. Ciel seemed to perk up knowing very well that his butler had found something out.

"What is it then? Spit it out!" Ciel commanded, his rings smacking against his oak table. Sebastian simply cocks an eyebrow, a smug look on his face "(Y/n) has a secret, my Lord"

Ciel sighs, rolling his eyes "Out with it, butler!" He spits.

Sebastian smiles, standing up from his previously crouched position. His hand comes up to rest against his chest, a reminiscent look on his face "She is simply not human"

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

As night falls, (y/n) is up and ready to leave. Something has been itching at her to follow the trail of blood that's been lingering on her nose for a while now. Her gaze stiffens outside of the window, observing the outside activity.

Anne has snuck out again, with Grell by her side.

(Y/n) sighs and pops her window open, dangling her legs from the edge of the window still. She stares at her legs as they dangle from metres above the ground.

Collecting her thoughts, she jumps down from the window, the skirt of her dress lifting up from the breeze, her hair flying around her head almost angelically. A smirk crosses her lips as she travels down the long stretching path of the manor.

Madam Red is no longer suspicious, she has been found out.

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