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Jade had his eyes wide open as he stood motionless in the shower, letting the water wash over him.

What the hell was that?

He couldn't stop thinking it in his head. What are the odds that they knew each other? It really was a small world.
He was only waiting to see their reactions when they saw each other. See if their chemistry would intensify. 

He'd never seen them react the way they did before. Individually obviously, but maybe because they had never met.
No clearly they had met before.

He knew what was next. And what they expected but he wasn't going to play by anyone's rules, that was only for the ugly side of his family.

He was king of his world and God help whoever thought they could help him write the rules.
With the way they acted, they'd want him to choose between them or go back to seeing one without the other.

The only way they'd get what they wanted, was if they could resist him.
That of course, was impossible.


The day was wasting and to be honest, Sean's heart wasn't in it. It was the fourth day since he'd seen Jade and it was starting to bother him. For the sex of course, he clearly had the biggest appetite when it came to Jade.

He just needed to get laid and the urge would leave him.
Which was why tonight he was going out. He'd earned it, the past few days all he focused on was work, it was the only thing that could get his mind off stuff. Stuff like Met. Stuff like him kissing Met and actually liking it.

Coming back to his senses he realized he was about to tear a report from his finance department.

He got back to work. He'd covered so much he could actually go relax. His secretary even recommended it.

Yeah, he was getting laid tonight, and it wasn't going to be Jade.


Met gave his order to the bartender and tried his best to avoid the not so subtle flirtatious hints he was being given.

This was going to be an extremely long night. For one, he couldn't seem to find a suitable hook up.
That's what sex with Jade did to you, it seemed nothing else could compare.

Arrgghh! Why was he thinking about him again? Its not like they were in a relationship or anything. He emptied half his glass with frustration clear across his face.

Their arrangement was very simple, as long as he was obedient, he'd go to Jade's apartment whenever he wanted and they could have sex, he wasn't allowed to stay the night. Ever.

On the rare occasion that he took Jade home, Jade never stayed either.

Lately he was realizing he knew nothing about Jade, but he kept dismissing it. It was exactly how it should be.

There were no feelings attached completely. It worked for everyone. He was guessing it was the same for Sean.
Thinking of Sean made him grip his glass tighter. How could he just re appear in his life with no warning like that?

He wouldn't let that fucker win.

He made a decision then.
He wouldn't let Sean have Jade. Not for himself alone. He couldn't always be taking everything.
Before he could change his mind, he was already shuffling towards the exit.


Reaching the apartment, he noticed the lights were on.
Good, he thought.
That meant Jade was in.

Quickly climbing the stairs, the closer he got to Jade's door, the louder the sounds got.

"Ahh ah! Yes! Just like that," came a lust filled voice.

Could Sean already have beaten him to the chase?

Met had never been jealous or cared about whoever Jade decided to fuck with but something about this felt wrong to him.

He still didn't care, but he was going in anyway. Even if it meant interrupting a climax.

Steady fingers turned the door knob.

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