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"Life is nothing but a frustrating spiral, a frustrating ball of utter and unexplainable confusion. Life is toxic."

"Life is like a game of survival, and you choose to be happy or sad as it goes by. Life is what we make it."


Dedicated to everyone who has lost something or someone dear.
They might not be there with you, but their memories are ever present in yours.

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This story was pulled straight out of my imaginations. If it's in relation to your past experience, it is purely coincidental.


"Every love story starts with a little drama, it's either a very cliché meeting in the hallway, where you bump into each other, or where you meet at the park and discover, you both like cats, or where you've been in love with your best friend and he or she finally realizes they feel the same, or maybe you've been having a crush on someone, and they finally notice you because of a class assignment. I actually never believed in love, I found it, silly. But everything changed when I met Dany- In more clearer words, if you're reading this, Daniella. Everything changed when I met you. My very own love story, began... when I met you."

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