Ch. 12

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Forgotten Motion Sickness ]

Chariots? Orga questioned.

He glanced around the group, as connecting with Kasai who was absentmindedly stroking Pabu with a thoughtful look in his eyes as he remembered last night's events.


"...Laxus... Makarov."

"Where the hell have you been pinkie!?" Laxus shouted in a low tone as he stomped right in front of his best friend.

Kasai looked at him bored,

"...I've been busy."

'Trying to protect you and our family..'

He said the last bit was left unspoken as he pushed himself pass Laxus and towards the balcony.

With a wave of his hand the illusion spell was placed back over himself as he put his cloak back on, pulling the hood over his head.

About to leave when a heavy hand fell on his shoulder.

"That doesn't answer the damn question!?" Laxus lowly growled as he glared at his friend.

"Let go. I rather not wake up my goddaughter." Kasai said tonelessly as he looked over his shoulder with a silent warning in his eyes.

"Laxus." Makarov finally spoke as he felt that it wasn't his place.

"Tch, whatever." Laxus scoffed "but after this damn tournament you and I are gonna talk."

"Hmph, we'll see about that..."


Orga looked away with a gulp while the celestial mage beside him looked around nervously. Sting and Rogue looked around at the others.

"Ne, Kasai who's going to compete?" Yukino questioned making the dragonslayer look up.

He sighed, "Well, let's see...?" He looked around at the other teams and realized his little brother was competing in this challenge. "...Seems Natsu's enter-" he didn't get to finish his sentence as Sting was already rushing towards the arena. Kasai sighed once more in annoyance before catching the obstacles for the event.

"Brat didn't let me finish!! Damn it, he's forgotten his motion sickness." He cursed aloud clenching his fists, as his team groaned.

"He's an idiot for rushing into things without thinking. Don't beat yourself up for it my prince." Rufus said as he and the rest of them watch their guildmate closely.

His "blue eyes" followed Sting's actions and as he clambered onto the chariot, he immediately started to sway on his feet. When he lurched over, on his hands and knees.

Only one thing was on the blonde dragonslayer's mind:

Get off this damn thing.

But he couldn't.

He started to crawl, but that proved impossible as his weakness was literally right underneath him.

Kasai scoffed, moving his focus on his little brother and Gajeel as they had similar problems.

Making the rest of his team sweat dropped at the three struggling dragonslayers.

"It seems that Dragneel and Redfox both also have motion sickness." Rogue concluded with a frown. Making Kasai chuckle lowly, "Of course they do, all us dragonslayer's have it..." He pointed towards his ex-friend,

"...Even him."

Lector's tail flicked side by side nervously.

"Call this a textbook of rotten luck, the other guilds won't know what hit them when his true power comes to pass," he hummed shrugging nonchalantly.

Unknown to him, this helped ease the Sabertooth guilds nerves as Kasai watched as they all relaxed slightly. Before his ears caught on to the conversation taking place between the three dragonslayers.

"The hell?" Salamander has motion sickness, not me!" struggled Gajeel, his face turning pale.

"Damn it... move, you damn body!"  muttered Natsu. Sting laughed at their expense, though he wasn't much better.

"So, wel.. come.... to th-e land... of dragonslayers...." he panted. He then relaxed slightly and scowled at them. "Tell me something."

The Fairytail mage's turned to look at him.

"Why did you bother entering this year?" You guys are just going to come last, anyway. One point doesn't matter, Sabertooth will just keep climbing up the ranks," he stated smugly.

"We aren't doing this for some damn points kid!!" snarled Gajeel.

"We're doing this... for our friends..." panted Natsu, pushing forward. Sting looked at him, taken aback. Kasai focused his ears on his brother's words. " The ones who waited... the waited seven years.. And I'm not going to go down without a fight!!"

He yelled crossing the finish line along with Gajeel.

Timeskip shortly after

"Thanks a lot Kasai!" Sting growled angrily, roughly shoving past him.

Quickly the elder slayer pulled the younger back towards him, his mouth inches away from the blonde's ear. Much to his team's startle and shock to the Fairytail mages who were secretly watching from afar.

"Listen carefully, brat!" The man growled deeply causing the rest of his team to step back in slight fear.
"I was going to warn you, but no you let the petty attitude of yours cloud your judgement. Making our guild suffer!" glaring down Kasai pulled the young slayer closer.

"Listen to the whole plan next time!" Kasai snarled in the younger slayer's face an image of a great red dragon appeared behind Kasai in his anger.

Sting stared up at the elder slayer in fear, his knees begining to tremble as all that magical energy was focused on him.

"Y-yes s-sir... S-sorry sir!"

Kasai shoved him to the ground before stomping out of the balcony. Using all his self control, Not to go back there and beat the living crap out of the younger slayer.

Raising an arm into the air Kasai disappeared in a flash of lighting.

(Sorry bout the wait but things have been hectic for me. I Kno its short but next chapter will be longer promise 😀)

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