~ 2 ~

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Credits to all the people who made the drawings and edits I will be using in this book, just saying this before I use them.

I felt like crying. Was this gonna be my end? Drowning? Being pulled to the dept? I felt the water going up in a slow pace. It was already hitting my hips. The siren never stopped singing and I saw him smirking while watching me panicking. I quickly ran to the highest point of the ship hoping that I would be okay, but I knew that I wasn't gonna be. The ship was sinking in a faster pace now and the siren disappeared into the cold water. It started to rain which didn't make the situation better. Where was he? What was he going to do?

I felt a hard pound against the side of the ship, as if he was beating it with his tail. He was extremely strong cause I heard the ship cracking and breaking. The sinking process got even faster now and I made peace with it. This was gonna be my end. Only my head was above the cold water now. I felt the ship below me leave my feet. I had to swim for my life, maybe I could make it to a rock.
Just a few seconds of trying and I felt a strong hand around my ankle. He tried to pull me down but I wasn't gonna make it easy for him. I tried to kick him away from me and did everything I could with the last strength I had to get him away from me.
He was angry and I could tell. I was getting so tired and dizzy and eventually just closed my eyes and let him drag me to the bottom of the ocean.

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