The Twelve.

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So I counted the rabid notes I'd made when this book started coming together and I realise I have twelve prompts making an appearance almost the same as the eleven prompts inAll I dance Is Death. (My other ONC3 book)

There are spoilers ahead here, explaining how I will use the prompts may revealed story lines. I won't reveal all but if you look closely you will see enough curious easter eggs to psych you up for the book.

As with AIDID the prompts will not all be important story plots. Although most of them are this time. I will give a short rundown of the prompts I'm using below.

Prompt 12: Spinning the bottle.

This felt like something a group of friends could play in a scene. The 'victim' part will be a subtle twist.

Prompt 16: The freak storm that leaves someone on an island with nothing but a sword and shield.

My character is going undercover and her cover is a gamer geek. Oona online is an interactive and immersive game that is taking the gaming world by storm and this prompt is the start of the game's very first level.

Prompt 18: Only you remember your ult group. (What is a ult group?)

I'm using the 'only you remember' part, its a major plotline and a running plot thread.

Prompt 26: Using a lit match to travel through space.

I'm gonna remix this for the book. It seems like a cool way to travel.

Prompt 27: The college student, virtual simulation one.

This is another Prompt I'll use. You've just gotta see what I've got in mind.

Prompt 37: Unidentifiable land is seen eight days after a storm.

I was thinking I'll link this to Prompt 16, the force storm, sword and shield one. And make it part of Oona online's storyline.

Prompt about the city in the clouds. Its too cool to pass up. And will also be a part of the game.

Prompt 44: the Capulet vamps and the Montaigne Weres. I'm remixing this a bit for the book, Romeo and Juliet are gonna steal the show I swear.

Prompt 51: The ice cap melt that reveals a shocking thing.

You'll just have to wait and see what it reveals.

Prompt 52: confessions of a serial killer.

A running prompt, my twist on this is also a surprise.

Prompt 57: "we know you are hiding here."

You can already guess this will be sent by the male MC's uncle when he discovers where the prince is hiding.

Prompt 66: soulmate wakes up but not by your kiss.

There will not necessarily be a kiss involved but it involves a soulmate not being with the other soulmate. You can already guess who the soulmates are.

This book deals with souls and reincarnation so yeah. So many of your theories with what direction I'm going will probably be true.

Are you excited. I am! Stay tuned prologue coming up.

Asunder, Asunder.

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