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used to address or refer
to a woman in a polite
or respectful way.


"Hurry along now, Madam, Lord Ciel is waiting for you" The carriage door opens with a slight squeak, showing its old age. Madame Red smiles politely at her maid, her red dress swishing in the wind as she steps down from her seat in the wooden carriage.

The bright sun beams down onto the Phantomhive estate showing off its beautiful scenery. The large mansion is impressive as it has kept its cleanliness throughout the many years its been standing tall.

"Always so cautious, what a lovely maid" Anne giggles to herself, her eyes closing as he smiles. Her maid stands with a polite smile, her hands clasping together on the front of her classic maid dress.

The white ruffles at the bottom of the black apparel barely scrape her mid thighs but it is shapely on her body. A bow sinches the waist of her dress tightly, prodding the outfit to give the outline of an hourglass shape. The neck line is shaped a classic sweetheart dip, accentuating her chest.

The maid had originally thought the dress was too much as Madam Red had it altered to her liking. She always loved clothes and wanted her maid to look astonishing. Since the two are close, she even added a little spark of red to the dress around the neckline. Madam Red was always so kind to her workers.

The maid in question worked along side her hard working butler, Grell. Although the maid was not particularly fond of the tall (and frankly, too quiet butler) she had no choice but to be professional.

Tanaka greeted the Red's at the large doors of the mansion, his old and tiny body shaking. Madam Red greets him with a curt 'hello' and walks past, excited to meet her nephew. The maid bows lightly as she walks past Tanaka who just shakes lightly.

The maid walks fast to keep up with her Lady and Grell who seems to float above the ground. The maid huffs and she pulls up her stockings. Her hair falls in her face as she leans over but she keeps up with her Lady.

The doors creek open, sunlight filling the hallway as she enters the room "you feel behind" Grell critiques from his place behind Madam Red.

The maid sighs "I apologise for my bluntness but my Lady walks a little too fast" She bows her head lightly, her hands crossing in front of her once again.

Anne laughs "I suppose I do! I'm sorry, (y/n)" Anne apologises as she lifts her tea cup to her lips. (Y/n)'s eyes flicker up to meet the empty state of Grell, a creeping feeling entering her body as it swirls in her stomach like some sort of serpent.

The door creeks open once again and a tray of goods comes forth, followed by the sharply dressed butler. He scans the room as he reals the cart in, the China shaking ever so slightly.

"Good afternoon, Madam Red" he greets politely as Ciel walks in behind him. Ciel hums and holds his head high, sauntering past his aunt to take a seat. (Y/n)'s eyes follow Sebastian's hands and how they gracefully pour the orange tea from the pot into the cups on the saucers. His gloves barely crease even as he grasps the cups and hands them out with a charming smile.

"Aren't you well built? Grell, why can't you look like this?" Anne practically feels up Sebastian as he walks past. His body tenses and (y/n) can't help but stifle a laugh at his expression. Anne has always been a little overwhelming.

Ciel 'tsks' at Anne's behaviour which snaps her out of it "Sorry, I can't help but admire his physique!"

Grell grumbles from behind Anne as his stare hardens on Sebastian. (Y/n) purses her lips as Sebastian walks back over to the doors, catching her eyes as he is about to leave.

"I shall prepare dinner now" He hums as he looks at his watch. Ciel nods and continues the conversation with his aunt.

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

"Dinner is served" Sebastian wheels our the tray with the main courses on them. Ciel merely hums, watching as he shows off his hard work. (Y/n) watches from the side, feeling unusually unhelpful. She watches as Sebastian has to trot up and down the long expanse of the table and set so foreword.

"Let me help you" She smiles politely, looking up at Sebastian through her lashes. Sebastian smirks, handing her the hot plates "Thank you"

The two bustle quietly, Madam Red explaining how 'proud of how kind her maid is'. Grell simply grumbles behind his Lady, his stare still on Sebastian.

"If you don't mind me asking, why do you bring your maid along if you have a capable butler?" Ciel asks as he grasps his cup of tea and tentatively taking a sip. Madam Red smiles brightly, her crimson red lipstick shining under the evening lights.

"She's simply excellent! My dear (Y/n) is a treasure" She compliments the awaiting maid "I can't go anywhere without her, she's like my best friend" she giggles.

"How stupid, a maid as a best friend?" Ciel scoffs.

"Well, I did know her before she became my maid! We mustn't toddle on this, our dinner will get cold" she ends the conversation by digging into the meal.

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

"She's a pretty one! Yes she is" A cherry-haired maid openly ogles the older maid who is washing the dishes from the dinner. Sebastian stands not too far from her as he prepares desert.

(Y/n) smiles lightly to herself as she hears the compliment, quickly drying her hands from the wet suds. The red haired maid squeals as (y/n) makes eye contact with her.

Two blonde haired boys stand at her side, one with a cigarette handing from his mouth and the other in farming get-up.

"Why, thank you, but I must assure you I am just a maid not worthy of your kind words" she smiles politely, dipping her head as sign of a nod. The maid squabbles, trying to create a sentence in her minute of panic.

"Please don't irate the guests, May-rin" Sebastian reprimands the maid. She apologises frantically. He snickers under his breath but hurried along to serve the desserts to the lord and lady.

┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈     ┈

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