(Oreola) a normal camouflage zombie

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"No, none to do with the Academy. Her and some other actress got in a fight and killed each other or some."

"Aww. Boo to that. Makes sense though. Anyways, crime scene," Dorkidoria says. "Blood splatter was up and out. Initial wound, whatever tf we want to call it, came from below, which I do not get but let's set it aside for now. The victim bled out fast, like the attacker was looking specifically for arteries or something. They were dead before they knew it. Probably before they hit the ground."

A zonny lazily crawls along the wall, which is a series of screens flashing images of different -BByWing- fashions. Oreola arches her back and purses her lips and does peace fingers as the zonny stares blankly back at her.

"As far as the crime scene being in that hallway," Maliquent says, "This is a very weird and creepy part of the school to get murdered in."

Dorkidoria elbows Oreola, laughing. "As opposed to the very regular, non-weird and creepy place to get murdered."

"Bruhh," Oreola says.

Maliquent rolls his eyes. "No but like A, this is one of the older wings, right. Old construction built on top of who knows what was before it. Plus at one point this hallway was open to the air, the older part of the building ended there, but later it got enclosed and walled off and connected to the Precinct. So that's why there's drainage openings along the base of the wall every so often, they connect to the sewers for storm runoff."

"Like you think escape routes."

"I'm saying maybe, but those openings aren't big enough for most people, ion't think."

"I extremely do not want to explore down there for clues. Let some other wack team be like that."

"OK but look, maybe if someone was already down there, with a projectile weapon or some, and they shot up at ChilisHo when they passed by, that would explain everything, the splatter profile, why they don't show up on camera, all that."

Oreola sits up. "Nah but like, I didn't see none like that on the body for real, I saw teeth marks. Teeth. Like bitey bitey. No projectile weapons, I'm telling you."

"So it's zombies again?"

"Zombies that lay on the floor all cool until you pass by, which you won't b/c you can see there's a zombie lying there?"

"Idk I seen some crazy good camouflage tech on Huntyyy."

"Camouflaged zombies, OK. Bruh I stg," Oreola and Dorkidoria poking each other and laughing.

"Bitches, chill, please. It's not zombies. I'm just saying idk."

"Those teeth marks were bigger than what humans make anyway, zombies or no I'm telling you."

"What's bigger than human. It's nothing bigger than human."

"I KNOW I'm just saying facts, like what we do, we lay out the whatever without assuming whatever."

"Ion't wanna spend a lot more time on this, let's just wait for the next mysterious death and then look at similarities."

"She wants to wrap this up she going to to Faith in Hunger tonight."

"I do though. Your girl is tryna get extremely hooked up."

"We have to try to find the clues, people watching want to feel like they're trying to solve the mystery with us."

"OK well we should spend some time going through her social and see who she was fighting with."

"I'll take that," Maliquent says. "And I'll look at his team. Was there anything there."

"I'll look at his relationship with Chili's," Oreola says. Maybe they had signed his brand expecting him to go to Eternal High or some, who knows what."

"It's not nothing shady with Chili's, they rule."

"They do but I'm just checking."

"Fine OK then I'm rewatching last season at Eternal High if I must poor me."

"You do that."

"Whole thing aside though, this was a weird messed up scene, right? If you were going to wait for someone and kill them every other way of doing it is better cleaner easier safer."

"So you think it's just random? How we're supposed to solve it if it's just random."

"There's a reason. It's always a reason. Even if the reason doesn't make any sense, there's a reason."

"Wym, I thought we solved it, invisible camouflage zombie took a huge bunch of bites out of random uncool boy And then shrunk itself down to escape in the sewers like a totally normal camouflage zombie thing to do, ok."

"I'm good like that."

A server arrives carrying the 3 smoothies Maliquent ordered. She's young, just out of the Baby Building, wearing the traditional Rising Awareness uniform of thoughtful distressed leggings and batik crop top.

"Heyyy guys, thanks so much for interacting with Rising Awareness. I wanted to let you know that we're celebrating your mental-emotional bodies by offering free molecular communication boosters if you participate in an exclusive brand exercise."

"Oh hell yes."


"I'm in."

"Love that, thank you. OK." The server holds out their screen and an image of 2 children holding hands appears above it."

"omggggggg," Dorkidoria says.

"Yes my my heart omg," Oreola says, falling against Dorkidoria.

"If these two celebs were going to promote Rising Awareness, how closely would you associate them with the brand?"

"Wait who?" Maliquent says.

"omg Mal you SUCK," Dorkidoria says.

"That's YenniferGrace and SummerHyde," Oreola says, "and they're so fucking cute and I would say very strongly aligned, I could see them doing an amazing song inspired by the Rising Awareness menu."

"Um a whole album tbh," Dorkidoria says. "I would totally support that."

"Awesome, love that," the server says, handing out the booster shots for their smoothies. Can you vibe for me?"

The teammates lean into each other, posing sexily with their smoothies." The server gets the pic in one and leaves, the transaction complete."

"Wait WHO though?" Maliquent asks. "I swear idk."

"They're these kids who were Babies together at the academy and vibed really hard, and they both just graduated."

"So they're like 10? And they're dating?"

"No but they should be though," Oreola says.

"They will," Dorkidoria says.

"Wild vibing that hard with someone so early in life," Oreola says. "And not being with them forever."

"They will," Dorkidoria says. "They can't not. It would be impossible. I would die."


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