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Oreola, Maliquent, and Dorkidoria occupy the Vybe Reinforcement Lounge sponsored by -BByWing- on the 3rd floor of the Kulture District. A very calming place to relax and collect your spiritual energy while learning about some of the -BByWing- fashions they might be famous enough to wear someday and wouldn't be able to interact with otherwise. It's awesome and thoughtful and a very reflective place to study after school.

Project DOM is all huddled up on one end of an extra long couch. Maliquent is sitting on the floor, back to the couch. Dorkidoria is above him, very slouched back with one leg over the arm of the couch. Oreola is lying down with her head on Dorkidoria's thigh, one foot (sneakers by TrendsKill) up on the back of the couch. They're all three on their screens, rewatching the zonny footage from Mystery Death 01, picking it apart frame by frame.

We see: ChilisHo walking down the hall that connects the Cafeteria to the Precinct. He's wearing a mint ombre jumpsuit by Polycount. We know from his last brand interactions that he's watching and commenting on the most recent episode of Trash Boys. He's moving at a reasonable pace but not hurried or in a rush. The zonny that was filming him was following behind him so we know that his ass looks amazing. He passes an alcove (a door leading to a storage room, otherwise unremarkable), and then suddenly starts to fall forward. We can't see what face he's making at that moment, although one team claims to have forensically enhanced a reflection they caught in his screen, and that he looks surprised. OK, great, helpful, thanks. Then he's falling, face first, and just before he disappears and falls out of view there's one frame where it looks like he's being violently yanked backwards. There's a shadow that's maybe his arm reaching out, and then blood splattering up on the wall and that's it. By the time the zonny moves closer it's all over. There's a body, torn apart, torn into, and blood spilling out across the hall.

Still, doesn't hurt to keep rewatching it and sharing it over and over, just in case.

Oreola swipes over to a shared doc. "OK let's go through the whole list of what we know. For like the audience of our minds."

"I'm ordering a Excretory Enhancement Potion from Rising Perception does anyone want?" Maliquent asks.

"YES," Dorkidoria and Oreola respond in unison.

"Hell yes bro," Oreola adds. "My ass stuck to this couch for real."

Maliquent starts reading: "ChilisHo, 2nd year, 25k followers, affiliated with Mystery Squad 6. Was on his way from the cafeteria to Psychology, walking alone when the thing happened, no one saw nothing except a zonny. Generally interacted with brands like Polycount, Ancient Tasteberry, and Chili's, of course, obvs. 25k followers. Lived with roommates in Todrick Hall. Only semi-weird fact is that he transferred from Eternal High partway through his first year.

Oreola and Dorkidoria both pausing, staring blankly at their screens.

"Can you do that?" Dorkidoria asks.

"Bro how you got a choice of schools," Oreola. "Like you got multiple talents? But yet you're still dead."

"I never heard of nobody transferring like that, especially not mid-season."

"Could be something. Maybe someone mad at him for leaving."

"Or someone mad at him for arriving."

"What was last season on Eternal High?"

"They did So Much? Is Happening?"

"Oooomg TinyDevoted.jpg, love her."

"Ahhh she died though."

Dorkidoria whacks Oreola in the arm. "SHUT UP no she did not. On here???"

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