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IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER. Wanda Maximoff, the young curious girl who was rediscovering her life, ventured down to the basement of her house. Her dainty hands trailed across the banister leading to the basement.

Her melodic humming filled the quiet room. She knew her mother had to pack away most of Pietro and her father, it cause the poor woman so much stress and depression seeing the images of the men she had lost too soon.

She could see multiple boxes stacked up in the corner of the room and ventured to them. The walk seemed to feel like years. It seemed as if time was stopping slowly.

Opening the box labelled 'My sweet angel and butterfly', she knew what it meant. The sweet angel was Pietro because he was sometimes so kind and polite and the butterfly was Wanda because her kicks in the womb were like butterfly flutters.

She saw photos of baby Pietro covered in spaghetti sauce, that seemed to be a constant photo, and she saw photos of her wearing red dresses and hair bands.

One that stuck out to Wanda the most was one of her and Pietro with a girl and another boy. They seemed familiar but were unfamiliar, if that was possible.

The boy, who looked around four when the photo was taken, was hugging Wanda and so was the girl and Pietro.

She saw photos of her mother and father and them on their wedding, a day Wanda wished her remembered as vividly as the experiments she had to endure.

Grabbing the box, Wanda paced to her room, hoping to put as many of these photos up in an aesthetic manner. Was it going to work? Probably not, but sometimes you've gotta risk a lot for an aesthetic.

Looking out the window seemed to be very engaging at a very inconvenient time. Because right when she did Steve Harrington stared right back at her and her face betrayed her and blood rushes to the front of her face.

Coming to think about it, now she understood why it was called a 'blush', blood and rush.

She could see Steve was unhappy and grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote on it in bold letters:

W H A T I S W R O N G ?

Steve shook his head and Wanda rolled her eyes before grabbing her coat and walking next door to his house.

Knocking on the door, she was greeted with Sarah Harrington, a kind woman with brown hair and blue eyes.

"Hi, um is Steve here?" She already knew the answer to that but couldn't help but act surprised when Sarah yelled up.

"STEVE THE CUTE GIRL NEXT DOOR YOU'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT IS ASKING FOR YOU!" Wanda blushes bright red and she could hear Steve running down stairs.

"Geez mom, shut up." He told her woman.

In retaliation, Sarah grabbed his ear and make him walk towards the door.

"Sorry about him, I think his ego is bigger than his dick half the time." That took the Sokovian girl by surprise. "I'll be in the kitchen Stevie."

Steve grumbled in distress as his mother walked away.

"Stevie, huh?" Wanda smirked looking at the boy who turned bright red. "Wanna go for a walk? Something's bothering you."

"I'm sure you have better things to do than listen to me-"

Wanda grabbed his hand. "You're an asshole, but that doesn't mean reading is better than listening to your problems."

Steve turned bright red at the sudden contact. "Yeah s-sure."

Walking out nervously, Steve received a kind and polite smile from Wanda Maximoff, the girl who was different from Nancy Wheeler.

IT FELT WRONG. He was falling in love with a girl, not even a day after his breakup. But then it felt right. Nancy and his relationship seemed toxic. He hung out with the wrong group, make terrible decisions and messed up. He knew she'd be happy with Jonathan or anyone apart from him.

"I heard what happened with Nancy..." Wanda trailed off, confusing him greatly because he had not seen her at school so she would have no reason to find out. "I just want you to know it wasn't your fault."

"Hang on, how did you know?" He asked, his voice wavering. "You weren't at school all day and didn't go to the party."

His observation caught Wanda off guard for a moment. "I have a source called Katherine Elizabeth Bishop." She spluttered out. "Anyways that's besides the point!"

"You aren't saying 'bloody' anymore?" Steve asked. "I thought that was really cute of you to say." Steve cursed himself for thinking that. Walking faster than before, Wanda had to jog slightly to catch up.

"Steve calm down, you're going to fall!" She yelled out and the moment she did he fell onto the concrete.

"Shit!" He cried out, gripping his knee in pain as blood fell down off the wound. Wanda extended her hand out him and pulled him out.

"You're not hurt are you?" She sincerely asked him, reaching up to his face and wiping some of the dirt off his forehead.

That was when her sleeve on her left hand slipped down, revealing the tattoo '003' very slight.

Steve Harrington remembered hearing Nancy tell him about a girl with a tattoo '011' on her wrist. He remembered her telling him that she had some type of telekinetic abilities that Mike labelled 'X-men like'.

"Holy shit you have a fucking tatttoo!" And that was when red wisps closed his lips from creating anymore notice. That was when he knew Wanda Maximoff was not like Nancy, or any other girl in Hawkins.

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