Alarm Clock - Chapter 1

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Dear awesome-part-of-my-brain-that-documents-crap,

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep.

I groan as I try to stop the alarm clock to continue that goddamned noise.

Wait-- oh crap. One day before college!

"DIYA BETI!" my grandma screeched. Dang for an 80 year old she's got good lungs.

"ARRI HU!" I replied, sighing before I rolled in bed again.

"Hai Bhagwan yeh ladki..." I heard her mutter, no wait, cross that out, yell to herself before getting up the stairs of our house.

Meet Dadi, my paternal grandma, petite in build, yet can scare the beejeesus of anyone. By that, I also include gangster badasses I've had to bring over to finish off school projects.

Uh huh. She's THAT bad.

Scrambling out of bed, I shook my hair out and sat, demurely, according to 'Indian' standards. At least there wouldn't be another Mahabharata today. I hope.

"Diya, come on and get up, honestly!" my mum says, louder than normal. She's brought up here, which is awesome for me; no boring mantras everyday. No wonder Dadi and her argue so much.

"Yes ma." I replied. I guess I should have slept earlier, instead of watching old cartoons. Hey, just because I'm 19 don't mean I can't like no Disney!

Mm, did I tell you about how random I am at times? Chyeah.

"Vanakam, Shantiben!"--- ah hell, my obnoxious Tamil neighbor. Okay, Tamil people are awesome, but this woman is a disgrace to them.

Anyways,-- Ooh, I smell dosas. Vanakam, eh, Shantiben. I love, love, love, love, love dosas. Did I mention how much I love dosas?

They're like.. South Indian pancakes. And they're like, freakin' golden. Call me crazy, but golden crap is good crap.

Ugh, I'm not talking about the Cullens, however. They're crystal crap. Yeah, stay away from my diamonds, those 'vampires' are crystal crap.

Anyways, I jump off the bed. Like a ninja. I'm serious. I got into ninja mode, just like the time Mogoopatta (a nickname for the Tamil Neighbor's dog) tried to attack.

Yeah. He got no good out of the attack, huh.

Man, I'm too high. Okay, I'll stop yappin' like a frickin' dog. And try to be kinda good. Yeah. Not happening.

Anyways, I look around my turquoise room with it's awfully cool rugs and paintings, and then run off to my awesome bathroom.

Guess how I got so much awesomeness?

Yeah, it was ninja skills. Perfect persuasion for my awesome Uncle, generally known as Sameer, but I call him Sam. He's like, frickin', 25. It's so epicly cool. He's superduper rich, owns a website called It sounds pretty perverted, but it's actually just a sort of chemotherapy patient kind of organization. The wigs are pretty good stuff, so my Uncle's got like, 20 awards because of his creative and innovative ideas.

Innovative my butt, I should be getting the credit.

'Coz I'm like, awesome. And I did suggest doing something for cancer patients.

Bloop. See!

Anyways, he donated a shit load of money, I bought the crap I liked, and then, walla, my oh, so, gorgeous room and bathroom.

Mm, ooh, I've already finished brushing my teeth. Splash, splash, the water comes on to my face which I rub quickly, and then dry it off with my towel.

Daily, OCD, routine.

Then, I ran down the stairs, to the living room, to see my serious-faced parents.

Oh, snap. Now what did I do?

"Diya.." they both started. They looked at each other pretty weirdly, then my mum stopped.

"Years ago, someone had done me a huge favor. It actually helped save your life." my father began.

Oh right, did I tell you, I used to have this heart problem thingie? And yeah..

"And, well," my dad, clearly uncomfortable.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"He made me promise that you'd marry his son."


Yo, peopaaalll. (: 

Long time no talk, and well, it's nice to see you guys around again.

There's a formattin' issue I'm gonna have. Whenever I put around these extra notes in my story, I'll put them at the end of each story group, so that it'll be convenient for all of us? I don't particularly like to delete anything I write, so yeah. Sorry. 

As promised, Glossary;

Beti - Daughter; Hindi

Arri Hu - Coming!; Hindi

Hai Bhagwan yeh ladki - Oh god, this girl; Hindi

Dadi - paternal grandmother; several Indian dialects

Mahabharata - a famous Indian mythological story; I'm pretty sure it's universal, but the South Indians might have a different variation for the name? Not sure, 'coz I'm not Southie. :P

Vanakam - Hello; Tamil

Shantiben - Shanti (Diya's mother's name), Ben (generally an addon to names, but can also be referred to as sister)

Dosa - South Indian savoury kind of thing. Pretty good stuff, actually. ;unknown dialect.


I guess that's all, and it helped you understand more. It's easier to read if you're good at English and Hindi, at the very least. Sorry for the inconveniences. </3

Don't forget new formatting of stories.

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