Chapter 23~Moving?

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"Brian, can you get us some water?" Dowoon asked Younghyun "Sure, anything for you Dowoonie" Younghyun said and till now Jisung cringed at Younghyun's nickname for Dowoon.

"What Jisung? I thought you were dating someone, don't tell me you guys don't have pet names" Younghyun said while getting some water.

Jisung just rolled his eyes and started eating "What do you like about my brother?" Jisung asked Dowoon "He's a great bass, and he's handsome" Dowoon said and smiled.

Jisung noticed that Dowoon has a ring on his ring finger "Hey hyung, since when did you get a ring?" Jisung asked looking at Dowoon's finger.

"Ah Jisung!" Younghyun said and smiled at him "I forgot to tell because I was shocked when you said you were dating Minho" Younghyun said "Me and Dowoon are engaged!" Younghyun said and Jisung was shocked.

"And we have more news!" Younghyun sat down and explained.

"After you graduate and me and Dowoon gets married, were moving" Younghyun said "Huh? Where?" Jisung asked, he was nervous from the word 'moving'.

"We are moving to Canada, I've been there for 4 years, I miss it, and you'll be studying there, cause I'm bringing you, I couldn't just leave you here in Korea" Younghyun said and Jisung was shocked "I don't wanna go to Canada! How about my friends!? How about Minho!?" Jisung asked.

"I'm older Jisung, I'm the boss of you! If we're moving, we are! What? You wanna stay in this small apartment??" Younghyun yelled and Jisung ran his way to his room.

"Brian, you did it again..." Dowoon said and Younghyun sighed "I know...I just yelling at him whenever he's acting like that...I didn't wanna yell at him..." Younghyun said and Dowoon hugged him "Its okay, he'll understand..." the two just cuddled.

Jisung on the other hand was so upset, he started crying "Why does this need to happen!?" Jisung yelled at himself.

He started crying even more, that he cried himself to sleep.

Dowoon knocked at his room.


Dowoon said quietly opening the door, he saw Jisung sleeping.

Dowoon couldn't wake him up, so he just placed a blanket on Jisung that way he won't get cold.

Dowoon patted Jisung's head before leaving.


The next day, Jisung didn't look well when he went to school, he was walking with WooJin and WooJin noticed he wasn't looking too good.

"Hey, what's wrong?" WooJin asked "Nothing..." Jisung said "You don't look okay, tell me, I'm your best friend" WooJin said "My brother said after I graduate and he gets married, we'll be moving to Canada..." Jisung said "Oh good for you!" WooJin said and smiled.

"No! It's not good!" Jisung said and stopped walking "I can't just leave you guys! I just started dating Minho, what would he feel if he heard I'll be moving soon!?" Jisung asked, he was stressed.

"Jisung, don't over think it!" WooJin said and tried to calm him down.

The whole day, Jisung was quiet, usually he would have fun while classes didn't start, but now he's quiet.

Minho went to class and saw Jisung.

"Hey Jisung" Minho said and kissed him, Jisung felt safe with Minho, but he doesn't know how to tell him.

"Jisung, what's wrong?" Minho asked and Jisung just stayed quiet "Jisung, you can tell me anything now" Minho said and smiled "I'll tell you later..." Jisung said and Minho was worried, he thought maybe Jisung had a illness or he doesn't want to be with him anymore.

Minho couldn't focus in class, he keeps staring at Jisung.

It was lunch time and Minho walked with Jisung, making Jisung feel safe.

He even had lunch with Jisung, while Chan and WooJin are alone probrobly dating in the cafeteria.

Minho kept doing everything couples do to make Jisung feel more happier, it worked a little bit, but it was like he didn't want to tell him.

"Minho" Jisung said which got Minho's attention, he stopped eating and looked at Jisung "Hm?" That was the only thing Minho could say.

"Can we talk about this problem I have in the school roft top?" Jisung asked "Sure, right now?" Minho asked and Jisung nodded.

After they finished there lunch, they went to the school roft top.

They stared at each other before Jisung started talking.

"Minho, my brother said we're moving to Canada after I graduate and he gets married...Minho, this means I'm leaving you...I'm leaving everyone I love, I will only see you online...I'll see everyone will take years until I see you, Minho I don't want this Kdrama, I want a happy ending..."

Jisung said, he didn't cry, he was brave enough to tell Minho about this.

"Its okay Jisung, I understand..." Minho said and hugged Jisung, he made sure Jisung was safe.

Everyday, he would hang out with Jisung, he started walking with Jisung everyday with WooJin.

He didn't want to waste every moment with Jisung.

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