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Book #2 (AND series)
(This is the second book in the AND series).

Warning: If you haven't read the first book in the series (Sacrifice AND Realisation), you'll not understand anything of this book. If you still want to continue reading, you are going to spoil the entire story for yourself. It's advisable to read the first story (on my profile) before starting with this one!

**If you still want to continue despite all the warnings, go ahead!**



The posh white curtains parted and flamboyant rays of the sun streamed through the glass pane of a magnificent archaic room of an enchanting palace, the Bundela mansion. The luxurious urban panelled bed with a wooden headboard was truly more glistening than ever with the charismatic touch of a young lord and his lady, who were rightfully the charming king and the glamorous queen of the gorgeous kingdom.

The beautiful woman lying on the right side of their bed shifted her quilt in sleep and little goosebumps creeped up inside her stomach when her milky white arms rested on the bare chest of the young man slumbering next to her.

A sleepy Sanchi felt sharp little tingles spreading across the sensitive hair of her entire skin with Vihaan's warm palm skimming the exposed surface of her belly and his fingers feeling their unborn infant growing inside her womb.

"Why do you keep check-ing it daily, Vih-aan? It can't visi-bly show a remark-able growth in a day or two bef-ore you attempt to che-ck on it again!" Sanchi's laughter filled words rang in Vihaan's ears and he swiveled his index finger along her nape before clinching her lips for a passionate kiss.

"I don't know why but the feeling of becoming a father is so exciting that I can't contain the patience in me for the long wait of nine months. I just want to hold our baby in my hands now." Vihaan's soft murmur against her lips was full of fragrance, intoxicating her nerves.

"You ne-ed to wait for more seven mon-ths before the junior Addi-tional Commi-ssioner of Police pops out of...of me." Sanchi winked before threading her fingers through his hair. "Take a look at your-self, Vih-aan. You seem to be all dis-heveled and tired, you've grown freck-les on your cheeks. I know that the duty pres-sure is too much on you but you sho-uld also take care of your-self."

"I may be the additional commissioner at the bureau but I'm your husband at home. It's your duty to take care of me and I'll do the same for you, my journalist wife!" Vihaan lifted his hand above her head before adjusting the pillow for her. "You are pregnant and it's also my responsibility to take care of you."

"So it basi-cally means we both ne-ed to take care of each oth-er!"

He nodded before hopping out of the bed and lifting her in his arms. Her open hair was swaying along with the air circulating inside their room and her almond eyes meeting his gaze in the next moment. He loved everything about his wife, from her physical appearance to her notions of bravery, something he could never deny.

"Yes and our duty begins from early morning itself for infinite number of days," Vihaan spoke in an instructive voice before trudging his way towards the loo in their room. "Shower with me, love."

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