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My lips have been sucked of their color,
   My eyes are sunken in,
Hair falls,
             As I'm engulfed in a black storm,
Of hair.
     I feel pain throughout my mind.

        Your words are stuck in my head,
Shredding the inside,
Wishing to run,
                To escape from my mind.
        And I feel the same,
Your words are,

        They are a cancer to my mental health.
They've kept me up at night,
Making me lose sleep,
Over simple words.

       I've torn my hair out in anguish and stress,
I've become sickly with worry.
       My brain has only on thing on it.
The words you had spoken,
       The way you had spoken them too,
               And the reasons why.

My chemotherapy, counseling,
    Only makes them hurt worse,
    Makes them have more meaning,
    And only makes me sicker.

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