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Deku's PoV

I sat in the commons area after school. People were all around me chatting and asking questions. I was sitting on the couch my paws bandaged cuz of the fight I had with Kacchan. In front of me, sat Jiro, thinking about a question she could ask. I silently waited as people whispered in her ear suggesting questions. Yes or no ones of course.

" Oh!" The girl said with enthusiasm. " Can you tell us who's your favorite in the class?" Huh? How am I suppose to answer that??? " Well I know you can't speak, but you can walk up to that person." She said kinda pleading with me.

" Tch," I look next to me, on the couch sat Kacchan. He hadn't looked in my direction since our fight. Maybe he's angry at me, but what did I do?

" Oh come on bro!" Kiri patted the boys back. Well more like slapped. " You won so why are you so why are you in such a crabby mood?"

" I'm not in a crabby mood!" The blonde snapped back. All Kirishima could do was chuckle and respond with a ' Sure sure'. Explosions were sent in the boys direction, making him harden and easily block the attacks.

I then walked up to Kacchan putting my paw on him. He immediately stopped his attack to turn towards me. Send out another ' Tch' he turned his head away, again, calming down in the process. I turned towards Jiro and meowed trying to answer her question.

" Aww! Look Bakugo your his favorite," some of the girls squealed in delight. I was then plucked up from my spot and put on someone's shoulder.

" Okay no more damn question, I going up stairs." I heard Some people whine as I looked at Kacchan. " Shitty hair come here I got to talk to you."

With out question, and with a smile, the red head ran toward us. " Yeah bro? What's up?" But Kacchan didn't answer as they kept walking. Eventually, we went to Kiri's room. I guess this was a normal thing cuz the blonde walked in and sat down with out a word. Kiri came in locking the door behind him and sitting down across from us.

I was then picked up and placed in Kacchan lap. Woah wait! What- I stopped mid thought when I felt Kacchan start to pet my head. I leaded in to the touch and started purring with delight.

" Aizawa lied to us," the blonde was straight and to the point. My hair stood up and I immediately stopped purring. He saw through the lie!

" Huh? What do you mean?"

" Deku never talks about his dad... he's never met him before. I remember him saying something like that to me as kids."

Kirishima looked shocked, to say the least, and a little betrayed. " Why would he lie to us like that? We're hero's in the making, and we're Midobros classmates!"

" He's an adult. Adults think all of us 'Kids' are reckless and dumb. He probably thinks we couldn't handle it. But, whatever the reason, he still lied and I wanna know why." The boys both sat in silence thinking for a moment.

" Do you think we should tell the class?" The red head questioned.

" No they're blabber mouths. Somehow this will get out and they'll stop us from investigating further. But, I do have an idea." Me and Kiri both looked up at the blonde in question. " We find out we're the nerd worked out search the area for clues. See what we can find, maybe ask around."

" Okay sure! Maybe we can do that tomorrow, it'll be Friday after all!" All the blonde did was nod In response. " But, if that was a lie what do you think happed to him??"

" I don't know," Kacchan said honestly, " but do you think he's alright?"

A meow came out of my mouth without a thought. Both the boys looked at me, no words came out of there mouths. I feel bad for making them worry. Hopefully this will reassure them. " Your right Deku! Midobro is probably just fine!" I meowed again this time a cat like grin followed.

" Sigh alright yeah he's probably fine, knowing him he's probably in a pretty weird situation." Haha Kacchan you have no idea. " Okay I'm goin to bed. Meet me outside at 6:30 tomorrow." With that the blonde picked me up and walked out the door.

" Okay bro see ya then!" I meowed back at Kiri as he gave us a toothy grin, before shutting the door. When we finally made it to Kacchan's room he immediately got ready for bed. When he got in bed I followed suit, jumping on.

I was about to make my way to the end of the bed, but I was pulled back into a hug, and set down next to him. " You said he was gonna be fine right? A-are you sure?" I was shocked for a minute. I've never heard him stutter before! And about me no less! I felt my cheeks heat up, thank you for the fur!

After I minute of silence, from me shocked and embarrassed, I finally responded to the boy giving him a soft meow. The boys body seemed to relax against me. Soon enough he'd drifted off to sleep, with me still rapped in a hug. Ha.... I've missed this Kacchan, I thought as I drifted off to sleep.

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Sorry for the shorter chapter, but I didn't want to try and stretch it out and it turn out bad. Soo a short chapter it is. Anyway! Thanks for all the support! It's been really fun writing this, even if the beginning is suuuuper rushed. Byeeee!

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