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        Hi guys. I was think of adding a few new characters to this story. I already have one finished, but I want you to creat the second. I will only be accepting one unless it is a tie with another. That will make me get ride of my character. I will give credit to the person I choose. Good luck! Here is an example(this is not the character I have created for the story; it is an example only):

Character Name- Camilla Sparks

Character Archetype:

Character Type- The 'mother' of the group

Gender- Female

Powers- She is a witch and seer

Physical Traits:

Body Type- Curvy

Height- Very short

Skin Tone- Lightly toasted (I want a marsh mellow now D:)

Face Type- Oval

Hair Color- Red/brown

Hair Style- Wavy

Hair Length- Shoulder length

Eyebrow Shape- Arched

Eye Shape- Round

Eye Color- A pale green

Nose Shape- Greek nose (Look it up if you don't know)

Lip Shape- Thin

Scars, burns, freckles, ect.- A few freckles and a white scar running from her collar bone to her hip

Facial Hair (only if the character is male!)- ...


Clothing Type- casual and modest


Her mother's locket


Weaponry- A Wand or fork launcher

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