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I walk back into my home, my fathers arms wide open as I instantly hear the blood rushing through his veins, the sweetness filling my nostrils as I feel Quinn beside me.

"Resist it. You have to resist it, Airini."

My dad wraps his arms around me regardless, and I notice my mother watching me carefully from across the room. I release him as he steps back, shaking his head in awe.

"See here I was, thinking you couldn't get any damn prettier."

I smiled, my eyes meeting Quinns as he nods slowly.

Well done.

I smile wider, as I shiver slightly. Why did I still feel the cold? Surely being a vampire has its quirks?

"I'm here," mutters Bahn from behind me, his fingers tracing my arm slightly as I turn towards him. I feel calmer in his presence, but I still feel incredibly shy around him. Apparently I was his mate, bound to him under the stars and the moon during death.

Nothing serious...!

I turn back to Quinn who looks away quickly, but I see the pain in his eyes.

"We need to talk," I say finally, as my mother and father nod, leaving the room instantly.

I sit down on the sofa as Quinn slouches  down casually on the armchair beside the window. Bahn sits beside me, his gaze on Quinn as I pull out my notepad.

Both guys groan and I chuckle, leaning forward to retrieve my pen.

"First of all, there is the treaty to discuss."

"You mean you?" Quinn drawls, winking in my direction as Bahn glares at him.

"Well, kind of. See, I'm a vampire that is mated to a werewolf. Um, it kind of complicates things if the two species don't get along."

There is a silence then, Quinn examines his fingers with scrutiny whilst Bahn exhales slowly.

"Are you in love with him?"

I turn to Bahn as he stares at me, his eyes filled with sadness as I cup his face in my hands. The way I felt for Bahn was intense, and only seemed to be stepping up more and more as the days went by. We were yet to complete the mating process, but that was inevitable. I couldn't not be around him, and he was the same with me. But the question was a valid one, and I turn to Quinn who smirks softly.

"Of course she is. Hence the complication."

"Or I could just kill you, problem solved?" Bahn growls from beside me, as I slide my hand onto his upper thigh, squeezing softly.

"Quinn, behave. You knew that I would be mated to Bahn, that was part of saving my life. Bahn, don't ever threaten to hurt the man who helped save me."

Both are sullen as Quinn sits up suddenly.

"Why don't you spend half of your time with me, and half of your time with him? Maybe we will have to learn to share?"

I physically restrain Bahn, with immense strength that still surprised me.

"Quinn. I'm not a toy."

"I'll share your limbs out with the rest of the pack if you suggest that again," Bahn snarls, as I place my hand on his warm chest.

Stop, Bahn.

I turn to Quinn who is watching me sadly, and I feel a pang in my chest.

So much for vampires having zero emotions.

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