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The room was properly lit. It was Jade's place and he usually didn't care whether his flings knew it or not. He discarded them way too often to care. The only guys who came and went as they pleased were Met and Sean, and none knew of the other.
He was about to change that.


Met was gazing at a stack of papers on his desk as a package was placed in front of it.
Before he could look up, the person was already closing the door behind them. What was this now?

He opened it anyway.  Inside it contained a black cloth and only when he pulled it out did he notice that it was a blindfold, a single note fell out as well so he read that too.

'come in only when you have the blindfold on, 9:00pm'

Something jumped in his pants. And he knew exactly who had had the guts to send him such a package with an order in the middle of work. To be more accurate, it was the end of work,  because he'd be leaving like someone had lit a fire under his ass.

Just then, his PA came in, he quickly put some papers over the package. She didn't notice.
And he knew he didn't want to hear whatever she was going to say.
"Sir, you have that dinner with Mr Alfonso to talk about a new business venture, it's 8:40 so we need to be there now," she said.

Met gritted his teeth, not because this was an inconvenience, but because he knew Jade would win this. He did anything he wanted and Met was always powerless to stop him.

"Sir?" came her hesitant question.

"Cancel it, move it to another date Ruby, I don't know, just not today. Not tonight"

"But Sir-" Ruby began to protest but he cut her off.

"Shall I do that for you then? I don't know maybe I'll find someone more reliable by tomorrow morning, how about that?" Met said in a way she wouldn't know if he meant it or not. He probably did.

She walked away then, good thing because he needed to be somewhere else right now.


Fifteen minutes later he was putting on his blindfold before knocking on a door.
If anyone saw him right now they'd think he was crazy. Or a psychopath. Yeah probably the latter.

Just then he heard the door open and he heard the smirk on Jade's voice when he talked. "Just like Daddy to be on time," then he leaned in to Met's ear and he felt his warmth, "I like it," he whispered.

A shiver ran down Met's spine and the blindfold filled his head with questions, what was Jade doing, how did he look, where were his hands? 
But before he could ponder upon it longer, he was yanked inside and the door closed behind him.

He knew immediately they weren't alone, something about the ambiance of the room was different and he found out soon enough because his hands were guided and placed on a muscular body.
All his hand covered was only tight muscles. This person clearly took care of themselves, ironic how he couldn't see. And his cock was already straining in his pants.

If the blindfold were to be taken off his eyes right now there might have been desire in his eyes.
With Jade always came a promise of sin and tonight it seemed he planned to deliver more than usual.

"I'm going to undress you now," Jade who was still holding his hand went to remove his pants.

"Yes please," his hoarse voice said.
The last thing Jade removed was his shirt. The last of it sliding off as he felt a tongue from his navel to his throat  and suddenly Jade kissed him. 
Jade rarely kissed him but whenever he did, it was all he could do not to grab him and fuck him right there. He couldn't think so all he did was moan into the kiss.
It was a wild kiss, a very dirty kiss but not lacking in promise.

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