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Quinn...help me...

I snap my head up instantly, before running in the direction of her voice. Bahn growls and follows me, his thoughts in my mind.

Where are you going, blood sucker?

I don't reply, pausing to see if I can hear her more clearly.

"Airini, where is she-"

I barely finish my sentence when Bahn changes form instantly, his clothes shredding to the floor as he seems to follow a scent, bounding through the forest as I race after him. I stand beside him as he pants, his orange eyes turning to glare at me as I heard his thoughts in my head.

Where is she? The trail has gone cold. But I can smell someone else...another bloodsucker...

"My father," I choke out sinking to my knees as the wolf beside me growls deeply.


"Allos...my father...he..." I can barely speak, my body racked with pain as I hear Bahn let out an almighty howl. "Bahn, he will have killed her by now. He has no emotion-"

None of you do! If anything has happened to her, I will kill you myself.

"You don't understand," I snap, as I try to tune in to Airini's thoughts. There is nothing but darkness, and I tug at the hair on my head with frustration.

What don't I understand?

A loud boom shatters the silence around us, the sky turning a deadly black as the air fills with fury.

"Oh, no," I whisper, as Bahn snaps his head to the sky. Other wolves are appearing now, and I notice them all communicating with their minds. "I need to go to my fathers castle. Now."

I don't wait for a response as I teleport as close to it as I can, racing the rest of the way. The sky is darkening, appearing lower than it had five seconds ago.

The wrath of The Gods.

I couldn't be too late. I couldn't. I had to save her. It didn't matter what my own feelings were- she was an innocent in all of this. She was doing her job.

The castle loomed above me, and I felt a hiss leave my lips when I began to scale the wall with ease. Allos would know I was here, and would be no doubt waiting for me.  This was what it was about- him and me. I jumped through a hole in the wall, the dank air greeting me as I tried to sense her. She was no ordinary human, and I was relying on some unknown strength or skill to have protected her in her final hour.

As I searched for her mind all I heard was silence- and the soft cackle of my father from the belly of the castle. Where would he take her? I'd not been here in years- so my memory as a human was hazy to say the least.

Allos had chained humans up here when I was a child, and I'd somehow managed to block out the sounds of their desperate cries. I tried to remember where he kept them, as I teleported to different levels within the castle.

"You're too late, son."

I gritted my teeth as I searched for Airini, ignoring the sound of my breathless father as he spoke to me. Why was he breathless? Vampires can't breathe-


"I'm dying. Like Airini."

I felt tears prick my eyes as I raced through the castle, finding empty room after empty room as I searched. I reached the basement, and as I glided down the stone steps the feeling of dread told me that she was here.

"Airini," I whisper, my eyes adjusting to the darkness that now surrounded me like a cloak. My foot touched something hard, and I frowned as I leaned down to pick it up.

It was a book, the one I recognised as Airini's notebook.

"Airini!" I roar, whirling around as I raced through the many chambers. I felt like I was going to smash this entire castle up if I didn't find her soon, and the whispers from my dying father weren't helping me.


It was faint, but it was there. My body was overloading as every inch of it listened out for signs to her location, as I heard a low gurgle.

I suddenly saw her, lying in a pool of blood.

"No, no, no, Airini," I whimper, the stench of her sweet blood overpowering me. Her eyes were closed, and her hand was clamped to her wound as I screamed out in anger.

I lifted her into my arms, as I felt her cold body flop against me.

I was too late.

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