Chapter 106

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Two months pregnant...


I had been up since one this morning watching Disney movies because I couldn't sleep. I checked the time and it was 9:00. I have to be at the studio in two hours, so I paused the movie and went upstairs to change. I put on black harem pants, a black spaghetti strap top with my high top Forces and a black beanie.

I went back downstairs, curled up in my blanket and finished watching Hercules.

"I can't believe you're gonna chose that skank mortal that lied to you over being a god! For love! Nigga, fuck love! What's love got to do with anything?!" I screamed at the screen.


"Yeah?" I said, turning around to see Blake giving me a look I couldn't really read.

"You ready?"


I turned the tv off, got my phone and as I walked toward Blake, he stared at me.


He put his hand on my stomach and I saw him smile. I'm starting to show, but it's not much. If you didn't know I was pregnant, you'd probably just think I was fat.

Blake's so cute though. I know he's gonna be a good father to our bebito.

"You're too cute," I smiled, "let's go." I grabbed his hand and we went out to his car.


Today is a very slack day for us at the studio. Since there was no school today, our kids came in early. We let them chose what they wanna do. The boys in my hip-hop class wanted to fool around with Tyrell, and the girls wanted to practice their dance.

After an hour and a half, we took a break and I felt someone's presence behind me. I turned around to see Blake standing there.

"Hey!" I said, giving him a peck on the lips.

"Miss Briana, is that your boyfriend?" one of the little girls asked giggling.

"Yes," I laughed lightly.

"He's cute," she giggled.

I looked at Blake who was smiling at her comment. I looked him up & down and scrunched up my face.

"He aight," I joked, making them laugh, "I have to go, but Monique's gonna finish teaching you the dance. I'll see y'all on Saturday."

"Bye Miss Briana!" they all said in unison.

We left and Blake took me to my doctor's appointment.


While I was sitting on the little bed waiting for my doctor, Blake's leg kept shaking and it was making me anxious.

"Are you nervous about something?" I asked.

"No. Why?"

"Because your leg is shaking and it's making me nervous."

"Sorry, I just still can't believe you're pregnant with my child," he said with a big grin.

I smiled at my adorable fiancé, then the doctor walked in.

"How are you today, Briana," Dr. Samuels asked.

"I'm good."

"Good. Let's see how the baby is doing?" she said.

I lied back on the bed-table thing and she lifted my shirt to put the gel on. Blake held my hand and looked at the screen as Dr. Samuels moved the wand over my stomach.

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